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Coming up with great holiday gifts for her can be a challenge, especially if the “her” is my mom. She pretty much has everything she really wants by this point. I usually get her sweaters and jammies for Christmas. She has a lot of sweaters. What she doesn’t have- until now- is a great skin care kit.  When Massage Envy Spa told me they were working with Murad to create wonderful Healthy Skin Care Kits, I was happy that I could finally get her something really amazing to use on her skin.

My mom has great skin. All the women in my family do. We get it from my grandmother. She always looked young, right up until she passed away at age 79. Since her skin is pretty awesome, she really didn’t need anti-aging creams and cleansers. I opted for the Environmental Shield kit because we all know how environmental pollutants and what not can wreak havoc on skin!

Murad Environmental Shield Kit


The Murad Environmental Shield kit comes with everything you need to cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin against the elements. The products are small but we found that a little goes a long way. My mom absolutely loved the Essential-C Cleanser. She said that it made her skin feel so clean without being abrasive the way some deep cleansers can be. She found that it left her skin nice and soft even without following up with the moisturizer.

When she does use the Essential-C Moisturizer, she said it’s very lightweight and not at all greasy feeling. Of all the products in the kit, those are her two favorites. She also really likes the eye cream because, again, it’s not heavy. I can totally agree with that, I can’t stand a goopy feeling around my eyes! Even after using them regularly for a month now, she’s still not out. Like I said, a little goes a long way!

Along with the Environmental Shield Kit, you’ll also find Age Reform, Resurgence, and Acne Complex. Each kit retails for $36 to $45 and contains five different products that offer a personalized regimen tailored by skin type.

Exclusive to Massage Envy Spas!

The Murad Healthy Skin Care Kits are found exclusively at Massage Envy Spa locations. You know what goes great with amazing skin care products? An amazing massage! With locations all around the country, you can grab your mom (or aunt, grandmother, etc) the perfect kit for her and tuck a gift certificate for a massage into the box! Introductory prices for a 1-hour massage start at $49! That’s pretty amazing! I could really use a deep tissue massage myself right now!

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