I received complimentary Zim’s products to help get natural muscle pain relief in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Natural Muscle Pain Relief with Zim's Max-Freeze

I’ve had back problems since I was a teenager. I remember being in class when I was 13 and feeling my back just suddenly convulse into spasms. Thankfully, that didn’t repeat until 5 years later. On a crammed car trip to New Orleans, I ended up sleeping in a rather contorted position. I was skinny and more flexible back then! It was a 24 hour ride. Imagine sleeping with your head on your knees and your feet on the seat for a good 10 of those 24 hours. Now imagine would that would do to your back.

When I arrived home, my back was once again in horrible pain. Things just went down hill from there. Now, at 38, I have arthritis and two herniated disks on top of the random muscle pain. I also have achy arms and wrists from typing all day at a counter top that is probably too high for safe, comfortable typing. It gets so bad that I actually cry at night sometimes!

The thing is, I don’t want to take a bunch of medications to make the pain go away. I have a very sensitive system and reserve medication for the very worst cases of pain. I definitely can’t take it during the day when I’m writing! I spend a lot of time trying to find the best natural muscle pain relief. Zim’s Max-Freeze is by far the best I’ve tried yet!

Natural Muscle Pain Relief with Zim's Max-Freeze

Guess what happens when you receive natural muscle pain relief in the mail? The Universe makes sure you can test it real well!

Aside from my usual aches and pains, I actually ended up royally screwing up my shoulder the day before my Zim’s Max-Freeze package arrived. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of helping me be a more realistic blogger. I really didn’t need help with this one, though! I have enough regular aches!

So anyway, I have no idea what I did to my shoulder. One minute it was fine, the next it was in pain like you wouldn’t believe. I didn’t do anything. I was simply talking on the phone. It was so bad I went to the ER! Alas, my ER kind of stinks and they diagnosed me with a rash and sent me home. Turns out it was some sort of pinched nerve and pulled muscle. A month later, I still have swelling from it. It’s freaky! A weird little lump that I’ve named Roger. Why Roger? Don’t ask. I have no idea. It seemed like a good name for my random lump at the time!

Easy Natural Muscle Pain Relief from Zim’s Max-Freeze

Natural Muscle Pain Relief with Zim's Max-Freeze

Zim’s Max-Freeze contains ingredients that people have used for centuries to provide natural muscle pain relief. The active ingredient is Natural Menthol. That’s the part you really feel. Inactive ingredients include Arnica and Tea Tree Oil, both of which have a long history of being fantastic for muscle pain relief! Just as good as what’s in it is what isn’t in it! See the bottle there? Zim’s Max-Freeze contains no parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, petroleum or other gunk that I really don’t want to put on my body. Plus, it’s not tested on animals. That is incredibly important to me.

What you do get is an amazing cooling sensation. I have both the Roll-On and the Gel version of  Zim’s Max-Freeze. The gel is great for when you need to spread it over a really wide area, but the roll-on is definitely my favorite! It’s so easy to apply. I can do my lower back without any help or without contorting my already aching hands to reach! It feels awesome without burning or being terribly overwhelming. I also love that it’s not at all stinky! No one knows I have it on except me. Well, and my cat for some reason. She has a weird thing for menthol stuff.

Soothe those aching feet after a long day!

After having such great success with Zim’s Max-Freeze on my back, shoulder and even my wrists, I decided to try it on my feet. After a particularly long day of walking around in flip-flops, my feet were killing me! I figured they have muscles and joints too, right? So why wouldn’t Zim’s Max-Freeze work on them? The Roll-On was ideal because it was like getting  a mini-massage as I applied it. Guess what? Works fantastic on tired, achy feet!

Speaking of feet, I also tried out Zim’s Crack Creme, which also contains arnica and other skin-softening ingredients. My heels are horrible. I don’t even want to talk about them, that’s how bad they are! Zim’s Crack Creme really helped improve the overall look and feel of the skin on my feet.

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