This post is brought to you by Gevalia Coffee from Kraft Foods and The Motherhood. I received a sample of Gevalia Coffee and I’ve been compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.”


How on earth did I not know that there is such a thing as National Coffee Day? It happens on September 29th this year. Maybe it happens that day every year. I have no idea. I’m just thrilled that it exists. I mean, coffee is one thing that definitely deserves its own day! Seriously, we celebrate some weird things in our country. I mean, we have a whole national “you’re no getting mail today” holiday  for a guy that didn’t actually discover America (why don’t we have “hey, way to cross the land bridge and colonize North America” day?), so why not a coffee day? Without coffee, I wouldn’t even function most mornings. Or afternoons. Or nights. Or at all. You get the point. I love coffee!

You know what I really love about coffee? When it’s all nice and foamy and flavored! Mochachinno’s are my favorite. I have no idea if I spelled that correctly. I don’t write down my order when I ask for it. Speaking of orders, as much as I love my frothy coffee beverages, I don’t really have time (or the money!) to run out to the nearest coffee shop (a good 6 miles away for the good stuff) and get one three times a day. Or even once a day. So I was really, really stoked to find out that Gevalia invented a delicious new way to  Foam at Home with their Cafe-style two-step K-cups. That was a lot of dashes.

My Keurig and I are best friends. Anything that can give me hot fresh coffee in under a minute is definitely something I can’t part with. You should see me in the morning before that first sip hits my throat. It’s not pretty! The one thing that my Keurig really couldn’t do without major extra steps from me is create frothy goodness in under a minute. I mean, I could steam the milk on the stove and add it to my coffee, but really, who has time for that?

Two steps, two seconds, less than one minute to frothy coffee goodness


With the new Gevalia cafe-style K-Cups, it takes literally like an extra second to brew a delicious frothy coffee drink. It goes a little something like this:

1. Open froth packet and pour contents into cup. (I accidentally deleted the photo of this step, but it’s pretty self-explanatory!)

2. Pop the K-Cup in the Keurig and brew as usual into the cup. This step is self-explanatory too, but I just like taking pictures of coffee.



That’s it. The froth forms as your coffee brews. It looks just the you’d get in an expensive coffee shop, and tastes just as fabulous too!


I tried three varieties: Mocha Latte, Caramel Macchiaoto and Cappuccino. The Mocha Latte is my absolute favorite, although all three are delicious! It has a rich yummy chocolatey flavor. If you enjoy caramel, you’ll love the  Caramel Macchiaoto! For those who are fans of unflavored coffee goodness, the Cappuccino is perfect.


Gevalia café-style beverages are available for purchase in six packs  and nine packs  at grocery, drug and mass retailers nationwide, as well as online at Swing by for more information and a free sample of Gevalia Mocha Latte starting on National Coffee Day, September 29!


Enter below for a chance to win a box of my favorite flavor: the Gevalia Mocha Latte 2-step Cafe-Style coffee beverage! Giveaway is open to US residents ages 18+ and ends on October 17th.
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