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PowerGlide Your Way Through Cleaning with BISSELL

Do you love cleaning? Does the thought of breaking out your vacuum send happy chills up your spine? Do you look forward to wrenching your back reaching for high vents and beneath the furniture? If you answered yes to those questions, well, I don't even know what to tell you. I'm kind of speechless! If you answered no, though, I'm right there with you!

PowerGlide Your Way Through Cleaning with BISSELL

I don't love cleaning. It's something I have to do in order to make sure the house doesn't get, you know, condemned or something. It's not something that I say "yay, I can't believe today is finally cleaning day!" I don't know anyone who does. What I do know, though, is that the right tools can cleaning from a moment of abject misery to a much more tolerable one! BISSEL happens to make one of those tools. Actually, they make quite a few of those tools, but I want to talk to you about one in particular: BISSELL PowerGlide with Lift-Off Technology.

PowerGlide Your Way Through Cleaning with BISSELL

Let me tell you why cleaning is such a challenge for me. First, I have an 8-year-old son. That alone should tell you that messes are a major part of life! Although, to be fair, he's been more into electronics lately and the toys haven't been coming out as much. That makes things a little easier.

Second, I have pets. Three dogs, three cats, a guinea pig and a parrot. Oddly, the parrot is the messiest! The dogs and cats do leave enough hair to build a good 10 animals, but they're pretty good about cleaning up their crumbs! Cooper, my black lab/ who-knows-what, is especially good at vacuuming up after the other dogs…and the cats and bird. He's not terribly interested in guinea pig food though!

Combine those two things with the fact that I really don't have time to go crazy cleaning, and it becomes more of a challenge.

How can the BISSELL PowerGlide with Lift-Off Technology help?

That's an excellent question! Let me tell you why this handsome little guy can help make all of our lives easier.

  • Detachable, portable onboard vacuum makes it easier to get up and down the stairs. Oh, thank you, BISSELL! No more digging out the attachments or grabbing the smaller vacuum to clean my carpeted steps!
  • No loss of suction! Do you know how often I reach to the bottom of my current decrepit vacuum to see if something is clogging it up because it stops sucking up dirt?
  • It had a Pet TurboEraser® Tool! So long, messy hair from my fuzzy pets and random bits of bird seed from Peppe's cage!
  • Swivel-steering makes it easy to maneuver around corners, saving your back from lifting and repositioning your current vacuum.

All of that and more in a lightweight package. What more could you want out of a vacuum? BISSELL has some great cleaning tips to share with you to help you tackle all your biggest messes. After checking those out, head over to their Facebook page and enter to win a BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuum or a $50 Gift Card!

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What is your biggest cleaning challenge? How do you think the BISSELL PowerGlide can help you defeat it?

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