I received a Regular Show: Fright Pack DVD in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Regular Show Fright Pack

I’ve seen some of my favorite bloggers already posting some awesome Halloween recipes and costume ideas, which means the spooky season has officially kicked off in the blogging and PR world! Hey, it could be worse, we could be talking about Christmas already! (Um, that’s next month, by the way!). Start your Halloween season off right with Regular Show: Fright Pack DVD which hit stores today (Sept 3rd). Fans of the Regular Show will love the slew of fun and somewhat spooky episodes! Jake sure did!

Jacob is a huge fan of the Regular Show, and I’ve watched quite a few episodes with him. At first, I found it incredibly strange. Then I came to realize that was the appeal in it!  Cartoon Network just keeps coming up with oddly entertaining shows!

What is the Regular Show?


If you’ve never caught an episode of the Regular Show, perhaps you’re wondering what the appeal is. The two main characters are Mordecai  and Rigby. Mordecai happens to be a ginormous blue jay, while Rigby is a hyper raccoon. The pair work for Benson, a talking gumball machine. Their ultimate boss, though, is Pops, who owns the park where the two friends are rangers. Pops is, as the name implies, a talking lollipop of sorts. Odd, right? Interestingly, it’s still not the oddest show on the network!

Regular Show: Fright Pack Features

regular show fright pack DVDThe Regular Show: Fright Pack DVD features 13 episodes (technically 14, but the feature episode is a two-parter). The DVD kicks off with the 2-part Terror Tales of the Park. During the episode, the characters take turns telling scary stories on their way to a Halloween party. The other 12 episodes include a mix of spooky stories and a few just plain hilarious episodes spanning the four seasons. Other episodes include:

  •  Dead at Eight
  •  Jinx
  • Grave Sights
  • Ello Gov’nor
  •  Death Bear
  • Skunked
  • See You There
  • Meat Your Maker
  •  The Best VHS in the World
  • Dizzy
  • Last Meal
  • Skips’ Stress

The Regular Show: Fright Pack also features a bonus character gallery, so you can learn a bit more about all your favorite characters.

Jacob watched the Regular Show: Fright Pack the moment I took it out of the packaging. He had a friend over that day and they both settled down for a few episodes. That gave me a bit of peace and quiet to do some work! He’s watched it a few times since then, a true sign that he really enjoys it. Now I can finally clear some space on his DVR! He had it loaded with Regular Show and a few other favorites to the point where everything new was deleting (because he chose to save everything until manually deleted!).

Head to your favorite movie retailer and pick up your copy of Regular Show: Fright Pack DVD today! Suggested retail value is $19.82. There has to be some significance to that number, but I’m not sure what it is!