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Welchs what's good

When it comes to “family time,” the smaller moments have always meant more to me than the big ones. The big moments are awesome, don’t get me wrong! Who doesn’t love a good wedding or new arrival of a baby? The smaller moments, though, happen every single day. They are a constant part of our lives and a constant reminder that no matter how crazy things get, we are still surrounded by something wonderful.

Jacob’s bedtime routine is a good example. Every night, after he brushes his teeth and gets into his jammies, we have story time. Some nights we read books, others we make up stories. Most nights, after I say goodnight, he’ll ask my mom to come in. During their special family time, she makes up amazing tales of adventure involving Jacob and his friends. It’s a similar routine to those of children and parents across the world. It’s not particularly unique, but it is 20 minutes of high-quality one-on-one time. I learn a lot during that time. I find out if Jacob is having trouble with someone at school or if he has a new dream for his future.

Another favorite moment of mine happened a couple of years ago when we went on a cruise. Yes, the cruise itself was one of the monumental moments. My favorite memory from it, though, isn’t of the great places we visited or the adventures we had. It’s from this picture:


Jake and I were sitting in the lounge chairs outside the dining hall waiting for my aunt. We were just being goofy together. The result is one of my all-time favorite pictures of the two of us. It was a simple moment in the midst of a bigger, more exotic moment. The memory of it will last a lifetime.

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If anyone knows how to celebrate the good moments, it’s Welch’s. After all, they’ve been making what’s good for over 140 years! Nobody does grape spread quite like Welch’s. Look how if fills and floats on all the nooks and crannies of my toaster muffin (what is the non-brand-specific name for those things anyway?). There was supposed to be a picture of delicious Welch’s Grape Juice in this picture, but someone drank it all before I got to the pictures!

Welch’s has been helping families capture the magic of “kitchen table” moments for generations. Whether that moment actually happens at a kitchen table or occurs somewhere else- like a random lounge chair in the middle of the Atlantic ocean- Welch’s wants you to “Share What’s Good.” Visit  Sharewhatsgood.com to find loads of great recipes, tips on stealing family time together and more!

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Do you have a favorite family moment that sticks out from all the others? I’d love to hear it!