I received coupons for free ice-cream in the Unilever family. My opinions are my own.


Congratualtions! You’ve survived the first couple weeks of school! You’re mastering the art of getting up at an unreasonable time once again. The kids are back on a homework schedule. New friends have been made and new teachers are adored (I hope!). It’s been a rough few weeks, but you made it! How will you celebrate? With ice-cream of course! What other way is there to celebrate a success? I swear, if someone could figure out a way to make ice-cream the healthiest food on the planet, I’d eat it for every meal and never get tired of it!

Celebrate Back to School Survival with Ice-Cream Goodness

Want to make your kids jump for joy? Surprise them with an ice-cream or Popsicle for their after school snack or dessert! Even if you prefer to stick to healthy snacks, an occasionally splurge isn’t going to hurt them. Besides, ice-cream is chock full of calcium! You’ll find a few great lower calorie options in the Unilever family too! Check out five great ice-cream snacks for your kids, plus one that you’ll want to squirrel away for yourself!




This is my favorite of the Unilever frozen treats when it comes to after school snacks. They’re made with wholesome ingredients like real fruit, juice and milk. Both Jacob and I really enjoyed the Strawberry Fruttare! The fruit bars only have 60-70 calories in each bar. If you opt for the milk and fruit bars, you’re still only looking at 140 calories max.

Popsicle and Fudgsicle


Want to share a blast from the past that just keeps getting better with age? Grab a box of Popsicles or Fudgsicles for your child’s afternoon snack! You’ll want to share in the joy too! While Jacob loves the icy fruit-flavored versions, I am a Fudgsicle girl myself. I introduced Jake to the creamy low-cal goodness and now he’s hooked too! These are the ORIGINAL Fudge Pops that we enjoyed as kids!

Breyers Blasts


For a really rich and exciting ice-cream treat, grab a container of Breyer’s Blasts! With seven new flavors, you’ll find something everyone loves. I personally love the Thin Mints flavor, but I picked up Breyer’s Blasts M&Ms flavor for Jacob. He loves M&Ms. Who doesn’t? While Jacob eats his plain, I prefer to pour on hot fudge. Or better yet, make waffles and ice-cream! Use chocolate chip waffles to really sweeten the deal!

Good Humor Ice-Cream treats

Good Humor Birthday Cake

Good Humor is another name that brings back fond memories! I’ve always loved their Eclair bars. Now, they’ve come out with something completely different but just as amazing! Meet the Good Humor Birthday Cake Bar! It’s a vanilla cake flavored ice cream surrounded by a layer of light vanilla ice cream and coated with yummy cake crunch. It’s your birthday any time of the year!!

Klondike Bars


Of all the ice-cream treats in the world, I have the greatest sentimental attachment to Klondike Bars. My grandfather always kept a stash of them in the freezer. He started with the original, but as they added new flavors, he branched out. Whenever I’d go visit, he would offer me a Klondike bar. Now, my favorite is the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor. My grandfather is gone, but through Klondike Bars, we can still connect across the dimensions! I do eat it with a spoon in a bowl, though. I’m sorry, Klondike, but there is ALWAYS room for a stick! That last bite is always¬† bit tricky when you eat it with your hands!

Magnum Double Chocolate Bars


This is the one you’re going to want to hide for yourself! Oh my gods, are they ever amazing! The coating is made with rich, insanely delicious Belgian Chocolate. The ice-cream inside is premium quality. They are incredible! I want to move into the freezer with them and never come out. While I couldn’t get enough of the full-size bars, Magnum also makes delicious minis in several flavors for those quick treas. Seriously, unless you’re feeling particularly generous, hide these in the back of the freezer. Moms deserve secret treats every now and then!

All of these delicious ice-cream treats can be found in your grocer’s freezer. So go ahead, give the kids an after-school splurge! They earned it, and so did you!

What is your favorite ice-cream treat?