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So, you all know I’m not a great cook, right? Does it come as any surprise, then, to find out that I rely on boxed mixes quite a bit to help make something even remotely resembling an actual dinner entree? It shouldn’t. We’ve been a Hamburger Helper family for a long time. Even back when I didn’t eat any meat at all, we used veggie burgers (and later, the fancy fake ground meat) in the mixes. Now, I eat chicken and turkey so I use the ground versions of those with my Hamburger Helper mixes.

Make a great meal with Ultimate Helper Mixes

As much as I’ve enjoyed regular Hamburger Helper over the years, I really love Betty Crocker’s new Ultimate Helper mixes! First, it’s not just “hamburger” anymore. They also created great potato sides that taste so much better than you’d think a boxed potato mix could taste. Look at how rich and creamy it is! Sorry, but I couldn’t think of a way to make mashed potatoes look like food-magazine quality. It’s food. You eat it. It doesn’t have to be gorgeous!


That was the Loaded Mashed Potato Ultimate Helper Mix. It had delicious cheddar cheese and bacon-style bits in it. I know that everyone is all about the real bacon these days, but I was actually thrilled to find that it had imitation bacon in it. I don’t eat mammals, so for me, the fake stuff is way better. I get to enjoy the taste without the guilt. Believe me, there’s guilt! I tried eating real bacon about a year ago after not touching it for over 20 years. I cried. The cheesy goodness though? That’s all real.

Ultimate Helper Three Cheese Marinara is Three-Cheesy Goodness!

As much as I loved the potatoes, we don’t really eat a ton of mashed potatoes here. I liked that they were easy to make, but I really loved the Ultimate Helper Three Cheese Marinara It’s just so much more…ultimate…than regular Hamburger Helper. The noodles are plumper, the cheese is all real and delicious. Honestly, the picture really doesn’t do it justice.


We used ground chicken in it instead of beef. If you’re a vegetarian, you can use ground veggie burgers too. The big difference between the Ultimate Helpers and the regular Hamburger Helper is that the Ultimate Helper comes with a sauce packet as well as a seasoning packet. This really makes it so much thicker and creamier.

Betty Crocker Ultimate Helper Mixes are a great way to get a good meal on your table quickly, especially for those of us who aren’t quite Betty Crocker ourselves!


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