I received a complimentary item from Brilliant Sky Toys in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

With the holidays looming closer by the minute, it’s time to really get started on your shopping list! If you’re looking for an amazing selection of educational and entertaining toys, Brilliant Sky Toys & Books should be your first stop. If you live in one of the areas featuring a Brilliant Sky Toy & Books shops, it’s easy to shop brilliantly! I’m not fortunate enough to live close to a store, but I did have a chance to check out a sampling of their amazing offerings. With toys from lines like Melissa & Doug, LEGO and Marky Sparky, you’ll find something for everyone on your list.

Brilliant Sky 2

Jacob and I tried out Doinkit Darts from Marky Sparky. I love this dart board because it uses magnetic darts instead of the sharp pointy ones. Less chance of taking an eye out, especially the way I aim! Jacob did an amazing job of getting his darts close to the target. Me? Not so much. Hey, I did manage to hit the board, that counts for something! I never claimed to have good hand/eye coordination!

How did Jake do such a great job? Take a look at his video with tips! I want to apologize for the quality of the video, we were in the middle of housecleaning and the curtains were down, so it was a little bright. Also, I didn’t secure the dart board to the screw in the wall properly, so it fell down. This is totally my fault and NOT a design flaw. It has a slot in the back to mount it and I didn’t see that. Once I mounted it right, it has stayed put!

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books Concierge Service for Parents

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

One of the best things about Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is the concierge service for parents. Enter their amazing store at any of their 15 locations and you’ll be greeted by experts in the industry. Customer service representatives will help you choose the best toy for your little one. They’ll even wrap it for you! Brilliant Sky Toys awards certain toys with their own Brilliance Award.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books was founded by Brent and Sonia Taylor back in 2002. The first store opened in Lansing, Michigan. The Taylors has a very specific goal- to create an amazing toy store that catered to children as well as parents. You know how some toy stores have shelves that are way too high? Like so high that even YOU have to climb on the shelves to reach some toys? Well, at Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, items are placed at lower eye-level heights so kids can actually see the variety themselves! As a short person, I can’t tell you how much I love this fact. The entire store is meant to be a sensory experience for kids. You won’t find garish lights and sterile-looking (boring) shelves here. Instead, you’ll find a completely interactive environment and thousands of high-quality toys that kids will love for years to come.

This holiday season, take some of the pressure off finding an amazing toy for your child by letting Brilliant Sky Toys & Books help you! Check out their store locator to find one in your area. Take a peek at some of their videos featuring toys that have been awarded their Brilliance Award on their Vimeo site.