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So In Love With My HP Envy Rove Intel All-In-One PC! #IntelAIO

I’ve been in need of a new computer for a while now. My old one was still doing it’s job, but just barely. The poor dear was chugging along trying to keep up with my increasing demands! When the opportunity came up to be an Intel AIO Influencer, I had to pinch myself! I actually didn’t even want to tell anyone until it showed up on my doorstep, just in case it was a dream. The whole time I was waiting for it to come, I read everything I could about the different types of AIO PCs, wondering which one I’d get. When my HP Envy Rove arrived, it was love at first sight!

Life before and after my HP Envy Rove AIO

To really appreciate just how different this computer is from my old one, you have to see the before and after pictures of my work space. I took an “honest” picture of my work space, then cleaned it all up and took one that I was going to try to pass off instead. But that just feels so dishonest! See, my previous work station was very cramped, what with a big old tower taking up space. Since it was cramped, I just kind of shoved stuff into the space I had, resulting in this:

Before my HP Envy Rove Intel All-In-One PC!

A total disaster, right? See, when I feel cramped, I do the illogical thing and make myself more cramped. Check out my work space now!

After my HP Envy Rove Intel All-In-One PC!

I was so inspired by the clean look of my HP Envy Rove AIO PC that I decided to really clean up the area around it. I even cleaned out the cabinet under that drawer (and kind of that drawer, but not really, because hey, baby steps!). By the way, I made that file folder thingy all by myself! Be proud, I’m not really good at crafts! The only thing I wish I could get rid of on this counter is the bird seed, but Peppe does need to eat and there is no other space for it. If that could go, I’d actually have a perfectly professional work environment!

HP Rove Specs

  • Intel Core 13 processor
  • Full 20″ HD Monitor
  • Intel Wireless Display
  • Pre-loaded games &software
  • Beats Audio
  • 10-point Touch
  • Up to 3 hours battery life

My HP Envy Rove: First Impressions

Over the next few months, I’m going to be talking a lot about my HP Envy Rove. Let’s start with my first impressions though. Obviously, my first thought was “wow, that’s beautiful!” It was super easy to set up. Within less than five minutes, I had it on the table (where it sat for a few hours until I knew all my important stuff was transferred over and I bought a desk for Jacob’s room so he could have my old PC) and ready to go. I just had to fill in a few blanks to set up my Windows 8 experience.

At first, I thought it would take me forever to get used to such a big screen. I went from a 15″ screen to a 20″. The HP Envy Rove is basically the size of a small TV! It didn’t take much time to adjust though. The display is gorgeous! Sal has been watching Netflix movies on it and he loves the quality. He also said the sound system is pretty great, even at lower levels. I haven’t really explored all that the Beats Audio has to offer yet. I’m excited to explore that side of my new AIO PC!

I was used to working on Windows 7, so Windows 8 has been a learning experience for me. I ended up upgrading to Windows 8.1 for free because it has more customizing features. If you decide to do that, understand that it’s going to take a bit to download, and the installation process takes about half an hour. I’m also having fun with the touch screen. My seasonal job uses touch monitors, but they’re incredibly old and barely responsive. I have a tablet, so that helped me get more used to it, but I’ve never had a touch screen on such a grand scale. This is Jacob’s favorite feature! He got on Roblox and typed “Hey guys, I’m on a touch screen!!!!”

There are only two things that I would change about the HP Envy Rove. First, it doesn’t have a built-in DVD player, or even a CD player. This means I can’t install my CD-based games like the Sims on it without buying an external drive. That’s not really a big deal though. At first I thought it was, but honestly, I only use the CD/DVD player to burn audio CDs for my car and occasionally to install games. Even when devices come with CDs, I usually end up downloading the software instead since I know it’s more up-to-date. The second issue is that the card reader is in the worst possible spot! It’s on the bottom of the monitor when you have the PC on its stand like in my picture above. If you want to access it, you have to lay the PC flat. I use my card reader a lot, so I’m going to have to get an external one to deal with that. Honestly, though, it’s a small price to pay for such a gorgeously awesome system!