I received a Mighty Handle in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Mighty Handle

Oh, Mighty Handle, where have you been all my shopping life? How did no one think to invent you centuries ago? All I can say is I’m glad someone thought of it now! Let me tell you a little story. Back when I lived in Japan, we lived on the 6th floor of a tower apartment complex on base. Every 1st and 15th, we did our major grocery shopping. I do mean major shopping too because by that point my pantry was looking rather bare. Military and ex-military wives, you know what I’m talking about!

Now, our complex gave us a few carts that we could use to take our groceries up. By few, I mean like two. A tower full of people shopping on the same day meant that you rarely got a cart. Since I went shopping with my best friend and she had a baby, I thought it only fair to make sure SHE got the cart if there was only one available. Aren’t I nice? So basically, I had two choices. I could a) carry a few bags at a time into the building, to the elevator, up six stories, into my apartment and go back down for more until done or b) I could somehow manage to carry every single bag in one trip. I, being the super logical glutton for punishment that I am, chose B.

We are creatures of habit

Why is this relevant now? Well, see, I trained myself to get everything in one trip out of necessity, but continued the habit out of sheer laziness (or habit, habit sounds nicer). I don’t like making several trips back and forth to the car. It usually entails trying to keep my dogs from bolting out the door while I struggle with the bags. That’s not fun.

You know what else isn’t fun, though? Killing my wrists and arms because I insist on getting everything in one trip. I have carpal tunnel (doesn’t everyone now, it’s such a trendy ailment!). I also have back problems and, apparently, some minor loss of sensation in my entire right arm. Boohoo, right? Who isn’t broken and injured these days. Anyway, these issues mean that I am probably doing more damage by lining up a dozen bags on my arm and hands to make it in one trip.

Enter the Mighty Handle

The Mighty Handle makes it easier to get a bunch of bags at once without killing yourself in the process. The example I’m going to show is my smallest shopping trip ever. I kept forgetting to bring the camera on the big trips, and, well, if I’m not making two trips to bring in bags, I’m not running back in to grab the camera before I even make my first trip.

Mighty Handle basically turns this:

Mighty Handle

into this:

Mighty Handle

so you can do this:

Mighty Handle

That’s five bags on one handle. I’ve actually fit twice that amount before. The soft rubber grip makes it easy to hold onto your loot without losing your grip, while the super strong plastic “arms” hold way more than you’d think they would! It’s a cinch to use. Just load your bags onto the anchor arms, twist and carry. Load up your bags onto the handle before you stick them in the trunk or back seat and it also keeps them from flying all over the place!

Does it make your bags magically lighter? No. It’s a Mighty Handle, not a Mighty Wizard. You’re still carrying the same weight, you’re just not trying to juggle ten bags on one arm. It’s definitely making my life easier! It also works great for reusable bags.

The best part? You can snag a Mighty Handle 2-pack on AmazonMighty Handle: Carry Grocery Bags with Ease and Save Your Arms! for just $9.99. I’ve been using mine for about a month now and they’re still holding up like brand new.

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