MIRROR-DEEPMirror Deep by Joss Landry


…Roll like thunder in Kat Bonner’s world, when a known felon comes to the ranch to drop a bomb about her past. Kat turns to Pierce for help, the same Pierce who bucks her every chance he gets … and whose feverish investigation lands them in trouble with the law and directly in the path of a serial killer.

Mystery deepens, fraught with wrong turns, bumbling detectives, old murders, and Kat’s doppelganger no one ever sees but her, just as she never sees the change in Pierce’s feelings toward her brewing, mounting, until she can no longer deny them.

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Enjoy this excerpt from Mirror Deep!

Jake put his foot in Liberty Lucas’ stirrup and mounted him, allowing his horse to traipse the crusty ground while he addressed the girls. He turned toward Kat. “May as well ride Shangri-La. At least someone will be making use of her.” He tipped his hat at Lauren. “You’re looking mighty fit, Miss Lau­ren—well enough to ride, I’d say.”

Kat watched as he turned and rode away at a full gallop. She flipped her arm in front of her eyes to avoid the dirt he kicked up. Men, she thought. They either drove away with tires screeching or galloped off full throttle while raising a hell of a dust cloud.

“What’s with him?” Lauren asked, her face scrunched and turned the other way. “Is he angry because neither of us is compet­ing in the event?”

Kat made a face. “I suspect he’s mad because he and I are no longer an event.”

“You broke up with him?” Lauren’s eyes were wide with surprise.

“I don’t know if you can call it a breakup. We were never officially a couple—just horizontal partners now and then.”

Holding Fog Mist by the reins, Kat started walking beside him toward the barn. She walked slowly, waiting for Lauren and Shangri-La to catch up.

Kat stopped to ask her. “Are you still dizzy? When I went calling yesterday, you were talking about it being days before you could ride again.”

“I woke up this morning without stomach cramps—a little dizziness. I’m not going to overdo it, though. What about you—why aren’t you entering Fog?”

“I suspect Fog’s feeling the same way Jake is right about now—a little rejected and a tad neglected.” She smacked his chest with her open hand. “Aren’t you, big boy?” She stopped by the trough to let him drink. “He almost threw me at the hedge.”

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