Halloween has always been one of the more popular holidays that both kids and adults can enjoy. Whether it will be a kids’, teen or adult party, the most important thing to remember to host a successful and fun Halloween event is safety. Below are some tips on how to accomplish this goal.


Halloween Party


Make invitations as appealing as possible. Chance are, guest may have alternatives to choose from. Therefore, increase the chances that more people will choose your party by using intriguing designs. Describe what will be at the party and what age groups it is appropriate for so that everyone is comfortable.


Many a fun party begins with decorations to set the mood. Any themed party for Halloween does well with some form of ghost or goblin. For smaller kids, be sure not to go to overboard. If the party is only for teens and adults and it is certain that small kids won’t be coming, using as many ghastly devices as possible can add to the mood for both outside and inside decorations. To create an appealing haunted house, consider the following:

  • Put mock tombstones in the front yard to make it a graveyard.
  • Switch regular light bulbs to colored and black lights.
  • Stuff old clothes and paper into cloth to make haunted dummies and mummies with fake blood and scary masks.
  • Make spider webs out of cotton batting filled with plastic critters.

Food and Libations

Depending upon the guests, food can be displayed in spooky ways or presented in a simple fashion. For instance, a macaroni or pasta salad can be a bowl of brains and peeled grapes or olives can suffice as eyeballs.

Salsa, guacamole and hummus can serve as ghastly potions. Consider pre-cut sandwiches, chips and cut vegetables. Or course, candy is essential. However, there are many substitutes such as sugar free candy, home made cookies made with healthy ingredients and cut fruit is also a refreshing alternative to prevent sugar overload. The key is to present it in a fun way so that it is appealing.

Punch is always a hit at parties. For kids, using a homemade drink with lower sugar is healthier and can still taste great. Try mixing juices together for a witch’s brew. If adults are to indulge in wine or alcohol, impose strict limits of 2 small drinks so that everyone stays safe and no one is tempted to drink and drive.

Also, this will eliminate any worries concerning drinking and driving. If alcohol is to be consumed, be sensible and arrange for alternative transportation for guests going home.

Spooky Music

There are many Halloween themed discs to choose from, such as scary sound effects with creaky doors, cackling, howling and screeches. In addition to CDs, there are also downloads available online. Consider using dance themed Halloween collections for even more fun that tends to be more lighthearted and suitable for all ages.

Preventing Mishaps

Some states have instituted an annual Halloween DUI crackdown because of the increase of these occurrences during this particular holiday. For example, Florida traffic safety teams and local legal firms like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa DUI lawyer groups all have a vested interest in the safety of drivers and pedestrians during this festive season.

Unfortunately, Florida has been cited as one of the more dangerous states for pedestrians. Drivers should always have their wits about them and stay particularly sharp on Halloween night. Driving under the influence can only raise the likelihood of tragedy.

On average, around 5 children are killed in pedestrian accidents alone over Halloween each year. As this is double that of other times of the year, everyone needs to watch out for youth, small children and teens, as well as adults who are on foot.

The goal for any party is to have fun. With a little forethought, your Halloween party can also be safe, as well. This is the perfect way to make this a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and concerned parent. She contributes this article to highlight the importance of not drinking and driving, especially during Halloween. Tampa DUI lawyer group, Katz and Phillips, P.A., is dedicated to road safety and the legal defense of individuals who have been arrested for DUI.

Photo credit: http://flic.kr/p/8Hr3ea