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Jacob and I went to a party at my aunt’s house the other day to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. First, let me tell you, this is quite an accomplishment because I drove on the highway! If you know me, you know this is a big deal. Don’t know me that well? Guess what? It is in fact  big deal! Anyway, at the party, my aunt asked if I wanted a cup of coffee. Silly questions. I ALWAYS want a cup of coffee! She pulled out a bag of Seattle’s Best Coffee, saying how it’s her favorite. I told her I was getting ready to do a blog post on Seattle’s Best Coffee and she was jealous!

Seattle's Best Coupon

Back at home, I drink Seattle’s Best regularly. Honestly, aside from the great taste, it’s also one of the most affordable coffees in the supermarket! I love that I can get an amazing cup of coffee without the amazingly high price. You know what else I love? The fact that Seattle’s Best guarantees that I’ll love their coffee. If I don’t, they’ll give me my money back. That shows real confidence on their part! Of course, I’ve yet to request my money back. Need an even better reason to check out Seattle’s Best? How about a coupon for $2 off? Snag your coupon for $2 off a bag of Seattle’s Best Coffee now!

One of the things I love most about Seattle’s Best Coffee is that they have a blend for every type of coffee drinker. I prefer my coffee strong and bold, mostly because I add a lot of stuff to it. I’m not talking just cream and sweetener, I’m talking all sorts of flavors and other fancy stuff. I may not be a great cook, but I have enough coffee recipes in my head to write a book! Most of them I made up myself in the spur of the moment. Once upon a time, I worked in a coffee shop for about a month. All by myself. All day. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything, but I could have unlimited coffee. Needless to say, I vibrated home by the end of the day. I also spent a lot of time experimenting with flavor combination.

Mocha Almond Coffee Recipe: Made with Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle's Best Mocha Almond Coffee Recipe

This Mocha Almond Coffee Recipe with Seattle’s Best Coffee couldn’t be any easier. Trust me, you know I’m all about the easy recipes! Look, I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really measure anything out. I never do when it comes to coffee. Really, the amount of each ingredient you use depends entirely on your flavor preferences.


  • One coffee mug’s worth of Seattle’s Best Coffee ( I prefer the Medium Dark & Rich, but you can go with whatever strength you want).
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Almond extract (imitation is fine)
  • Sweetener if desired
  • Cream if desired


I’m going to tell you my secret to a great cup of coffee when you are adding flavors (maybe it’s not a secret, but to me, it’s key): put your add-ins in the mug before you add your coffee.

  • To make this Mocha Almond coffee, start by adding your cream to the bottom of the mug. If you don’t drink cream, skip this step.
  • Add a squirt of chocolate syrup. Need an estimate? Aim for about a tablespoon worth.
  • Add in about 1/8 teaspoon of almond extract, or 1/4 teaspoon if you’re using imitation.
  • Add your sweetener, if desired. Keep in mind that the chocolate syrup and almond extract are already sweet themselves.
  • Stir it all around. Obviously, this works best if you use cream, but if not, just mix the chocolate and almond together.
  • Pour your Seattle’s Best Coffee over the mixture, stirring as you fill your cup. Stir again to really mix it.
  • Drink!

See, told you it was easy! It takes less than a minute to make an amazingly flavored cup of coffee. So head over the Seattle’s Best Coffee and print out your coupon. Also, while you’re there, check out the details on how you can win a Seattle’s Best Coffee t-shirt! All you have to do is tweet @SeattlesBest using the #GreatTaste or share an image on Instagram with the #GreatTaste and tagging @SeattlesBestCoffee. Not sure where to find Seattle’s Best Coffee? Check out their store locator.