I received a complimentary book from My Chronicle Books to facilitate this personalized gift for kids review. All opinions are my own.

Chronicle Books Personalize Twas the Night Before Christmas

What is your favorite story to read on Christmas Eve? If you’re like me- and probably most of society- it’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” I mean, that’s pretty much THE standard Christmas Eve reading! You know what would make the story even more special, though? Having your child play a starring role! With My Chronicle Books personalized Twas the Night Before Christmas book, you get exactly that! You personalize the story and My Chronicle Books creates an amazing book.

Creating a beautiful personalized gift for kids from My Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books Personalized Gift for Kids

The personalization process was incredibly easy. Add your child’s name, gender, birthday and hometown. You can also add two relatives names that will appear throughout the story. Finally, if you have pets, you can specify the type and the name. We have a lot of pets but I went with Jacob’s favorite dog, Cooper. Add a dedication and check through the preview to make sure everything is right, then you’re done! Just order your book and it will arrive on your doorstep shortly after.

Chronicle Books Personalized Gift for Kids

The personalized Twas the Night Before Christmas had so many little details that really impressed me. Sure, the story featuring Jacob was amazing, but it’s the smaller touches that make it a wonderful and unique gift for kids. Your child and family’s names appear frequently throughout the story: on stocking, bed posts and even on ornaments on the tree.

Chronicle Books Personalized Gift for Kids

The book is just gorgeous from beginning to end. As Santa flies away into the night sky, he even wishes your child a Merry Christmas!

Chronicle Books 5

My Chronicle Books coupon and ordering deadlines

You’ll want to act fast to get this gorgeous personalized gift for kids! Ordering deadline for standard shipping is Dec. 3rd! If you don’t mind paying extra for express shipping, though, you can take up until December 12th. When you order, use coupon code MYCB-SAVE25 to save 25% off the $34.99 price, bringing it down to around $26.50. This is incredibly reasonable for a personalized book with so many details. It really does let your child feel like he is truly a complete part of the story. What child wouldn’t want to be featured in the most beloved Christmas classic of all time?

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