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With all the video games and gamer cards on Jacob’s holiday shopping list, I wanted to make sure he also had some fun educational gifts under the tree too. He’s been really into science and robots lately, so I was happy to have the chance to try out some cool robot kits from Museum Tour. The online store offers so many great educational and artistic gifts for kids, it was hard to choose which ones to try out for review! We opted for the Doodling Robot and the Solar Rover.

Gifts for Kids at Museum Tour Museum Tour 2

The Solar Rover was a lot easier to put together than I thought it would be.  The Doodling Robot- well, once Sal took over, it went a lot faster. I’ll admit it, I cried at one point! Turns out I was trying to put something on the wrong spot. I wasn’t sure whether to be really mad at Sal for pointing that out or really grateful that he finished it for me. This is NOT the fault of the manufacturer or Museum Tour, or course, but rather my own inability to assemble things and genetic traits that make me incredibly grumpy when putting things together. It didn’t even have an overwhelming number of pieces or anything. See:

Gifts for Kids at Museum Tour


It was totally worth it once put together. This little guy is so cool! Turn him on and he vibrates, which makes him doodle in circles. Kind of like that little spinny art thing we had when we were little. I recommend getting a BIG piece of paper for him, though! As you can see, I didn’t give him enough room to do his thing.

Gifts for Kids at Museum Tour

The Solar Rover was so much easier to put together. Although, again, I’m daft and didn’t read directions. You can either use a soda can OR the including plastic body piece to make the body. NOT both. It took me five minutes of trying to fit the plastic over the soda can to realize this. I put this one together all by myself! Are you proud of me? I didn’t even cry once!

Gifts for Kids at Museum Tour

About Museum Tour

You may already be familiar with Museum Tour. It’s fall catalog goes out to 2 million homes each year! Now, the Museum Tour’s online store features hundreds of award-winning educational products that let you bring the fun and wonder of museum exploration right into your own home. To make it even easier, you can shop by your child’s grade level, interest or both! Each section allows you to further refine your search by age.

I love how many of the categories are named after exhibits, like “Art Museum” features gifts for artists and art fans while the IQ Exhibit features fun brain games. They even have a Super Heroes Exhibit where you’ll find cool educational items that allow your child to replicate super hero devices. Museum Tour has gifts for kids both young and young at heart. There are plenty of great items that allow you to connect with your child through playtime.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Museum Tour offerings is that every single item is hands-on in some way. Whether it’s a book or a robotic kit, the products really engage your child. This is so important because the educational items (I really don’t want to call them “toys” because they’re so much more) actually teach children in a fun way. The founder of The Museum Tour Website worked as a teacher and a museum director. She knows how important it is to entertain children while educating them. Information just sinks in better when you’re having fun! Check them out online at MuseumTour.com. Follow on Facebook Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to keep up with news and see all the amazing new products.

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  • Water Color Canvas                                     $24.99
  • The Repurposed Library                             $24.95
  • Meteor Rocket                                               $19.99
  • Solar System in My Room                           $34.99
  • Dino Checkers                                                $24.99

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