“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Fellowes. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

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I’ve been wanting a good shredder for years now. I had this handheld cheap-o gadget that barely managed to shred a single piece of paper at a time, making it somewhat tedious to get anything done. Since I didn’t have a good shredder, I let paperwork pile up. I didn’t want to throw it in the recycling because you just never know what kind of strange people lurk out there, waiting to steal your identity right from your recycling bin. I also didn’t want to burn it, because that just doesn’t sound very good for the environment.

Fellowes Shredder: Go Beyond Shredding Personal Documents

Now I have a Fellowes 63Cb Shredder, and I can shred until my heart’s content! I can finally get rid of those papers from seven years ago that have been sitting in my garage! I also discovered other uses for my Fellowes Shredder that I’m pretty excited about. In my video, I’ll tell you about one of those uses: filler for Christmas presents boxes! Yes, I am planning on filling up my son’s present boxes with “funfetti” so that it takes him longer to find the present. Hey, he’s asking for pricey things this year and they’re rather small items. I want to make his Christmas morning last longer!

Let me add a few notes about the video. First, I took four of them trying to get it right. The first one I just looked awful, the second one the bird started yelling and the dog barked. So I went outside, but I was annoyed by that point and really looked it in the video. Also, I forgot to bring out a place to lay the demo paper down, so I shoved them between my knees in a move that didn’t show the “lady-like” side of me. That one was actually pretty funny, but both my mom and my boyfriend said it was NOT a keeper. So I tried one last time the following day. The lighting in the beginning isn’t great. I have a dark house. I don’t know how on earth the electric company thinks we’re using more electricity than our neighbors, considering it’s like a tomb in here! Alas, it was the best shoot. Take a closer look at the fun colors that shredding a magazine creates.

Fellowes 3

Other great ways I’m using my Fellowes Shredder:

  • Guinea Pig Bedding: Rather than buying shredded paper for $20 a bag, I can shred paper bags and butcher paper to create my own bedding for them. Major savings there!
  • Holiday crafts: I checked out some fun craft ideas that use shredded paper. I’m planning to try a few this year.
  • Packing material: Forget those styrofoam peanuts, I’ll just use shredded paper to protect those items when I ship!

Fellowes 63Cb Shredder Features:

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  • Jam Blocker: No worries about ruining your shredder by getting paper jammed in it. Trust me, this is a major plus. I’ve actually destroyed many a handheld shredders because I overloaded it and it jammed up.
  • SafeSense: Majorly important to me! Not only because I have an 8-year-old son who I’d love to see keep all his fingers, but also because I am a total and complete accident waiting to happen. I’m a klutz, plain and simple. I go through life trying to get as much done as quickly as possible. I NEED the SafeSense technology, otherwise it’s entirely possible that I will be the one losing a finger!
  • Energy Savings Technology: Remember how I said that the electric company says I use more electricity than my neighbors? Every few months they send out this letter comparing your usage to those around you. Now, mind you, one of my neighbors moved out, one is a “weekender” so they’re rarely ever here and the third is an older woman. Anyway, the point is, with the energy saving technology, I know it won’t be my shredder that’s causing my spike in usage!

Check out this great infographic for more information on buying the right shredder!

Fellowes Buy Right Infographic


What would you use your Fellowes Shredder for? Do you know of any cool shredded paper crafts that I can try?