I received a Key Ingredient Recipe Reader in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are, of course, my own.

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

Have you heard about the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader? It’s like a tablet completely dedicated to recipes and cooking! It’s a pretty amazing gadget that everyone needs in the kitchen. Regular readers know by now that I’m not exactly a kitchen queen. I can bake okay, but I can’t really cook well. My mom, on the other hand, inherited my grandmother’s cooking gene. It only activated after my gran passes away. Late is better than never, though, because she can make everything just like my Granny used to. This is especially important during the holidays! My grandmother made very specific stuffing and apple pie. It’s the only stuffing I really like. The apple pie? Well it just goes without saying that it’s the best on the planet.

Cooking and Baking with Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

There are so many different ways to cook and bake with the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader. The only thing you need is a Key Ingredient account. It’s totally free to sign up. If you want certain extras, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium account. The free account does allow you to do quite a bit though. Once you have the account, start adding your favorite recipes! You can browse and add favorites from the selection, type in your own recipe or even scan it in! I think that’s such a cool feature. Basically, you scan or take a picture of your recipe and Key Ingredient adds it for you.

Key Ingredient Snap

Now that you have your recipes loaded into your Key Ingredient account, the fun begins. Just turn on your Key Ingredient Recipe Reader and head to the cook book library. Oh, by the way, it comes preloaded with tons of great recipes if you want to just use it right away out of the box! I of course went right to the cakes and cupcakes section when I checked it out first!

Recipe Reader 2

Cooking a holiday meal with Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

Recipe Reader Thanksgiving Meal

The holidays are particularly crazy in the kitchen. My mom had a whole schedule of when certain foods would go into the oven and when she would prepare other stuff. Key Ingredient Recipe Reader is fantastic for this because it lets you set three different timers. Set one for the turkey and bake two things in the oven without having to remember to pull one thing out earlier.

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader also has a handy substitution list with just about everything you can think of! This is incredibly important if you’re baking on the holidays and run out of something. Most stores are closed! No need to run over to the computer and leave your food unattended while you search for substitutions. Just touch the screen and get the answer. So easy.

The best part? It’s spill-proof! Unlike other tablets, it’s MADE for use in the kitchen. This isn’t a delicate little flower of a reader. It can stand up to everything you’re dishing out in the kitchen (pun totally intended, I’d make my grandfather proud with that one!). Okay, so all the other amazing features are probably the “best part,” but to a klutz like me, the words spill-proof are quite magical.

Retailing at $149, the Recipe Reader is available at www.store.keyingredient.com; Amazon and Costco.com. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or bake!

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