I received samples of Eco Lips Lip Balm to facilitate this stocking stuffer gift idea post. All opinions are my own.

My Eco Lips Stocking Stuffer gift idea

I am so excited to tell you about one of the coolest stocking stuffer gifts ideas I’ve seen in a long time: Eco Lips! I’m a lip balm spazz. I probably have about 25 tubes and jars of lip balm right at any given time. So far, though, none have been as unique to me as my Pretty Opinionated Mocha Mint Madness Eco Lips Lip Balm. That’s right, I have a lip balm named after me! Guess what? You can have one named after you (or anyone else) too! Even better, it’s completely unique to you. You decide on the ingredients, the flavor and even the extras that go into your Eco Lips lip balm.

How to Make Your Own Lip Balm Stocking Stuffer at My Eco Lips

Want to create a totally unique stocking stuffer? Start at My Eco Lips and choose the size of your lip balm and how many you want. I went with the largest size. It’s HUGE! I didn’t realize just how big it is (not that I’m complaining, it will last a long time!).  The .56 ounce large size is also great for using as a body balm on those rough spots, like your elbows. You can go with standard or slightly larger if you want.

My Eco Lips How to Make Your Own Lip Balm Stocking Stuffer


The most important part of making your own lip balm is choosing the right base oil. I went with Organic Certified Sweet Almond Oil & Beeswax because I really like the overall feel of sweet almond oil. If you get stuck here, just hover over the different types for a detailed explanation. In the next step, you can also choose up to three specialty oils. I kept it simple and went with Hempseed Oil. Why? Because it’s the oil that is the closest match to the fats in our own lips, so it does a great job of moisturizing the way nature intended.


Once you’ve decided on the base oils, the fun really begins! In the next step, you’ll choose your flavor. I spent A LOT of time in this section. I went back and forth between flavors. Did I want chocolate coffee? Blueberry cheesecake? Orange Kiwi? The choices were a little overwhelming, and you get to pick up to three flavors. So basically, you have a massive amount of possible combinations. I love peppermint and chocolate, so I decided to go with those two. While I really wanted to venture into other combinations, I have chronic headaches and peppermint really helps. I love that they use peppermint essential oil instead of just plain flavoring.

Next, you get to choose some soothing herbal infusions to add to your custom lip balm. You can choose up to three of the five choices. I chose Calendula, Chamomile and Lemon Balm. The first two are just very soothing and good for your skin, while Lemon Balm has been said to enhance your memory. Since I’m so scatterbrained lately, I figure it couldn’t hurt! You also get to decide how sweet you want your balm and whether you prefer a thinner easy-glide thickness or a richer, more protecting balm. Finally, you get to name your lip balm and design your label!

Eco Lips 4

When you’re done, check over everything and order your totally unique stocking stuffer! Every order gets a special formula code so you can easily reorder at any time. It’s even printed on the lip balm tube for you so you don’t lose it.

That’s all fun, but how does it work?

The ordering process was super fun, but fun doesn’t moisturize those lips, now does it? I’m happy to report that my own formula came out awesome! It has a nice peppermint zing to it with a delicious underlying chocolate flavor. It’s super rich and moisturizing without being thick or goopy. I suggest getting more than one tube. I got three! The more you order, the less they are (up to an extent).

Check out this incredibly cute video about Eco Lips! They have the most adorable CEO ever!

Head over to My Eco Lips now and start creating your own unique stocking stuffer! Check out Eco Lips on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their latest news.

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