I received a fabulous package of goodies from Natalie’s Juice and Nature’s Own Bread to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Natalies Juice

During back to school time, I told you about the delicious and nutritious Nature’s Own breads that made preparing wholesome lunches a breeze. Well, Nature’s Own recently released a delicious new flavor: Honey Oat Bread. It’s so thick and full of honey oat goodness that I’ve been eating it for breakfast every day with a bit of strawberry jam! What am I drinking along with my yummy Nature’s Own bread? Delicious Natalie’s juice!

I have discovered a new love when it comes to fruit juices. Natalie’s Orchard Island Juice Company  is like no other that I’ve ever tasted.  First, it comes in such an amazing variety of flavors, from the traditional orange juice to really fun blends like Honey Tangerine and Orange Mango. Natalie’s also has delicious handcrafted lemonades that really quench your thirst! For those times that you need lemon or lime juice (to use in fruit salads, for example), you’ll find large bottles of the freshest juice you can imagine. Way better than the stuff you find on shelves outside the refrigerated section!

Natalie's Juice

I tried the Florida Orange Juice first, as it was around breakfast time when my package arrived. I should probably point out that when I say “breakfast time,” I mean it was noon and I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything yet because I was too engaged in work.  I couldn’t wait to pop the cap on the Natalie’s Orange juice. From the first taste, I knew I had found my new favorite juice. Natalie’s is just the right blend of sweet and tangy, with a smidge of pulp to give it real texture. I like a little pulp in my juice, it tells me that it came from real oranges.

What I really love about Natalie’s Orange Juice is that it doesn’t leave that weird artificial preservative after-taste that some orange juices leave behind. Do you know what I mean? You taste the juice while you’re drinking it, not an hour later. Perhaps the secret to the delicious flavor is the combination of all the best Florida orange varieties! My second favorite is the Strawberry Lemonade. It’s not incredibly sweet or tart, so your face won’t pucker up all funky while you’re drinking it.

About Natalie’s Orchard Island Juice Company

All of the juices taste natural, which makes sense because they are all natural. Every single fruit that goes into their juices is hand-selected. Only the best make the cut (or the squeeze!).  I love that the company started as a family organization and has remained so, even though it’s grown quite a bit! Their  gourmet pasteurized juice was voted the best tasting in a blind taste-test by Cook’s Magazine. After that, they took it to the Today show, where anchor Lester Holt agreed with that finding on national television. The company produces 3.6 million gallons of juice every year now, yet still maintains the high quality that helped them grow in the early years.

Natalie’s even has a recipes section with some amazing goodies that you can make using their juices. I highly suggest checking it out! I’m thinking I really need to try the Orange Cinnamon Cake! Find it in the desserts section! Natalie’s Orchard Island Juices can be found in retailers along the east coast and parts of the midwest. Check out Get Natalie’s to find out which stores in your area carry their products.