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Take Your Touch Screen to New Levels with Snowflake Software #IntelAIOSnowflake

My super awesome HP Envy Rove Intel AIO computer has a fancy touchscreen, but the majority of the work I do doesn’t really give me the opportunity to take full advantage of this feature. Snowflake Software gives me a great chance to really try out the touchscreen! I received both the Snowflake Entertainment Suite and Snowflake ABC. Both are huge collections of games that are entirely touchscreen-based. You can check it out using a mouse, but it’s really designed for touch.

Snowflake Entertainment Suite

The Snowflake Entertainment Suite comes with 20 games plus a free-draw function. I love that the games are so varied. Sports fans can play air hockey while logic fans can play Snowduku. They even have music games and a slot machine! Many of the games are made for two or more players, making it perfect for family fun night. My favorite is Untangle! I’m not usually good at logic games but I was always great at getting necklace chains untangled. In fact, sometimes I would tangle them on purpose just to do it! Now I don’t have to potentially ruin perfectly good jewelry to get my untangling fix in.

Check out the cool Snowflake Entertainment Suite features in this video:

Snowflake ABC Learning Games

While we really enjoyed playing the games on Snowflake Entertainment Suite, I think my favorite is the Snowflake ABC collection. This suite offers educational games for kids from kindergarten through high school. As a former nursing student, I really liked playing the Organs game. You have to drag the names to the correct organs in the human body. Back when Jacob was three, he was always freaking out every time he got even a small scratch. I taught him human anatomy, mostly so he would understand that he has plenty of blood in his body! I was surprised by how much he remembers!

Snowflake ABC

Since Jacob is learning to tell time in school, Clock was really handy for reinforcing what he learned. Math Bugs is another great game for his age group. They also have a kiddie version of Untangle! Woohoo! No matter what your child’s interest or educational level is, Snowflake ABC has something he’ll love.
The Snowflake ABC collection is such a great way to get my son interested in learning more. He’s having some difficulties in math right now. He started the school year in the middle level, but we had some major issues with his teacher. I had him removed from all of her classes, which meant he had to move to the highest level of math. He was right at the cusp between the levels. I need games like this to reinforce what he learns. Homework sure isn’t doing it! In fact, it’s really just making it worse. Nothing makes kids hate a subject more than being forced to do repetitive sheets with 50 questions each every night. Games actually engage kids and help cement the knowledge deep in their brains.
Take Your Touch Screen to New Levels with Snowflake Software #IntelAIOMy Intel HP Envy Rove AIO computer lets me run Snowflake and other software blazing-fast. Learn more about the AIO PC’s Multimedia Capabilities.