I received a complimentary Flipeez hat in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Flipeez 1

With cold weather pretty much here to stay for the next few months, it’s time to begin the yearly struggle of trying to convince your child to put his hat on. Jacob is so hit or miss with this. Some days he’s fine wearing a hat. Others, well, I think he loses them on purpose so I can’t make him wear one! With Flipeez, though, he finally has a hat that he’ll never want to lose.

Flipeez- The Hat they WANT to Wear!

Flipeez is the hat your child will actually WANT to wear. Why? Because it’s so much fun! Jacob received the Playful Puppy hat because he loves puppies. Also because I thought it was the cutest. I got to pick it out. Hey, he gets to wear it! I get part of the fun, right? Flipeez are super cool for two reasons.

First, they’re super cute! With the squeeze of the, um, squeezy thing, in the dangling part of the hat, the Playful Puppy’s ear pop up! It’s like he’s totally surprised by the intense cold front that swept through! Jacob and I worked very hard to time the picture just right for you. Actually, I did all the work. He just squeezed a bunch of times. Okay, fine, so he gets credit because he’s the one who said ” we HAVE to have a picture with the ears up!” I would have been content with the adorable picture of my kid above! Check out the fruit of his labor.

Flipeez 2

The second reason Flipeez is so cool is because it’s so warm! I admit, I was concerned that the hat would be more of a novelty item than actual warm head wear. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the inside is lined with super soft, warm fleece. The outside is a tightly-woven, high-quality wool-like material. The designs are stitched into the hat rather than just plastered on top, so they actually last. This is an all-around very well-made hat!

Jacob absolutely loved his Flipeez and was looking forward to cold days to wear it! While I could do without the cold, I’m happy to know that my son won’t fight me on wearing a hat anymore. Flipeez would make a great holiday gift for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. It’s so much fun, you may even want to wear one yourself!

Order your Flipeez online for the best selection. They have seven different fun varieties to choose from, and one size fits all!