I received complimentary Just for Men products in exchange for an honest post. All opinions are my own.

Movember may be over, but the legend lives on! During the last two years, Sal has sported a wide variety of facial hair styles. I’ve seen him with a mustache, without, with a beard, a goatee, some sort of strange thing he was growing in the middle of the goatee and so on. During Movember, he attempted to grow the biggest, baddest mustache possible.

Take a look at his starting face, not quite clean-shaven (because I forgot to take the totally clean-shaven picture), but pretty close!
MicroTouch 1

Okay, so I’ll be honest, we only made it through half the month of November. Something came up that required Sal to shave. He really did try though! After about two weeks, this is what he had:


Keeping the Stash Looking Great with Just For Men

Movember 2

Ever since we did our first Just for Men post back a couple of months ago, Sal has been using it regularly to keep those greys from popping through. He loves that it just takes a few minutes. I love that it’s reusable! Why on earth can’t they make something like that for girls? I mean, I spend a fortune on hair dye for my roots because it’s all one-use-only. Even if I don’t use it all, I end up throwing it out. With Sal’s Just for Men for Facial Hair, he can get a few applications out of each box. That makes it totally worthwhile!

Just For Men even made a fancy Limited Edition Movember box, which happened to be in just the right shade for Sal. He uses a couple different shades because his facial hair has multiple colors in it. It’s like a really unique patchwork quilt for his face. 🙂 Although I’m thinking no guy wants his face referred to as a quilt. Still, I like his unique coloring.

While he didn’t quite make it to the monster ‘stash that he was aiming for, Sal still had fun growing his mustache. It was the perfect excuse to avoid shaving for a few weeks at least! Plus, it’s for such a great cause: helping raise awareness about men’s health issues like prostate cancer.

Sign up as a Mo Bro!


Even though Movember is over, your guy can still sign up to be a Mo Bro. It takes just a few seconds to sign up. Join as an individual, a team or even start your own team. It’s a great way to help raise awareness. Maybe you can get a jump start on next year’s monster ‘stache! While you’re on the site, you can check out the Movember Hall of Fame, find Movember events and more.

After signing up, be sure to head over and “like” Just for Men on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news and fun activities. Did your man grow a mustache for Movember? I’d love to see pictures! Leave me a link in the comments!