I received complimentary Martha Stewart Holiday Craft kits in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Kits

In the average year, I’m kind of a holiday decorating spazz. This year for some reason, I’ve kicked into overdrive. I can’t explain why. Maybe because, in the words of Auntie Mame, I just “need a little Christmas” this year. Make that a lot of Christmas! I need the extra cheer, so I went a little extra overboard on decorating. Since I’m no Martha Stewart myself, it helps to have a little assistance from her line of Holiday Crafts. I checked out four different kits, including two adorable window/mirror cling sets and two treat box/bag sets. Take a look!

Deck the Halls with Merry Little Treats

Martha Stewart Holiday 1

Between my family and Sal’s family, I’ll be going to a few holiday parties this year. For Sal’s family, we had a great idea to put little treats in these adorable Peppermint Winter Fabric Treat Bags. They are just the right size for the little goodies you find in the party section of popular stores. I grabbed some fun little toys for kids and filled them up. I tossed in a couple small candy treats and it was perfect!

Martha Stewart Holiday 2

For my family, my mom is making tons of cookies and candies. While everyone will go home with a bigger tin, I thought these Peppermint Winter Tree Treat Box  were perfect for little favors. They’re big enough for a cookie and a couple small treats. Pardon my bow, it’s not as pretty as the one on the package, but hey, I never said I was crafty!

Martha Stewart Holiday 3

Deck the Mirrors, Windows and Walls

Okay, maybe not the walls. But you can make your mirrors and windows super festive and classy with Martha Stewart’s Glitter Snowflake Mirror Clings and Peppermint Winter Mirror Clings! The Snowflakes are my favorite, they’re simple yet gorgeous. I had a really hard time photographing them because of the back light coming from the glaring snow that just won’t stop falling! I prefer decorative snow flakes during this time of year, thank you very much. I have too much to do before Christmas! After Christmas, it can snow all it wants.

Martha Stewart  Holiday Snowflakes.

The Peppermint decorations are really cute on my front window. They look adorable surrounding out light-up wall Santa from the outside. Um, did I mention I had like a foot of snow out there? Yeah, I didn’t go outside to get that shot, sorry. I value my toes too much to have them freeze off! Still, you can see how they look here, as well as how much freaking snow I have now.

Martha Stewart Peppermint Mirror Clings

The clings only took minutes to put up, yet add such a nice touch. These are super high-quality clings too. They haven’t fallen down once since I put them up!

Shop the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Collection

Find these and more Martha Stewart holiday craft kits at local retailers such as Walmart, Hallmark and KMart. You can also find them in the Martha Stewart Crafts shop on Amazon. Which are your favorites? Do you go nuts with holiday decorating or are you more of a mellow decorator?