With the cold temperatures in my area, I have to admit I don’t even want to step foot outside! If you need a little inspiration on how to beat the dull winter months, check out these tips from my guest writer.

Winter Fun

The holiday season brings with it a number of distractions both for mom and for the kids. Once the new year starts the kids are out of school, the winter days only get colder, and there is less and less motivation to leave the comfort of your own home.

Winters here are bitter cold. I plan and organize my excursions so that I can make as few as possible. There is no such thing as making a quick trip to the store to pick something up. If I’m going out to pick up one thing, I’ll finish all my shopping for at least a week.

There are some great ways to take the dreary and bitter cold of January, February, and early March and turn them into family fun.

Family Movie Nights

Those cold nights are the best time to pull out the new movies you got for Christmas, grab a blanket, hot chocolate, and popcorn and enjoy a night of entertainment together. I turn on my Scentsy burner to make the house smell delicious too!

We have ATT internet service in our house, and it never fails us in the winter. On movie night, if we don’t have something on our shelf, we log into Netflix or Hulu and watch something there instead. The fact that our internet connection is quick and dependable makes it a great alternative to Blu-Ray movies.


Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to have a trivia board game anymore to have fun with trivia. I have an app on my tablet that allows me to select the sort of trivia we want to play with. It connects wirelessly to my dependable Wi-Fi, as we have the game literally at the tip of our fingers.

Cooking Party

If your kids are younger, they likely enjoy helping out in the kitchen. Have each person pick out one recipe online and have a cooking party in the kitchen. I use my tablet for this again because it’s easy to move around and use. The heat from the kitchen warms the house, and the fun is limitless. You can have it be sweet treats for a movie night, or a fun and crazy dinner.

Take the cooking party one step further and have everyone dress up fancy and pretend to be at a fancy party while you eat the delicious food you prepared together.

Dance Party

Nothing heats you up in the cold like a dance party. When we do this, we have each person dress up however they want for a dance, then use our internet connection through our TV to turn on Pandora and let the music play. This can be great fun, especially if you have contests to kick up the excitement.

Having a dependable internet connection has more than once gotten us through those cold winter months. We use ATT in our house, and the connection isn’t hindered by the cold or the occasional snow storm. You should look here for some discounted promotion codes. We used codes like these when we signed up and it has saved us a lot of money over what we were paying for less dependable service before.