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I’ve decided that this is the year I finally buckle down, start eating healthier and finally lose weight. If you’re a regular reader (I hope you are!), I know you’ve heard me sing this song dozens of times over the last three years. I’ve tried just about every diet, supplement and gadget out there to help me lose weight. I can’t blame the tools I used, they all had their benefits and came with a great support system. No, the blame falls solely on my shoulders. See, I finally realized something this year: I can’t “diet.” Anything that requires specific foods or remembering to take a certain supplement every day just isn’t going to work for me. I am psychologically unable to stick to a detailed, regimented plan.

Instead of focusing on using tools from others to lose weight, I’ve decided to just focus on eating better. More importantly, I’m doing this by taking small steps. For example, I can’t give up chocolate. It’s just not going to happen. So instead of downing a chocolate bar smothered in chocolate ice-cream, I’ve switched to tossing some mini bitter-sweet chocolate chips over fruit, like this:

Strawberries. Chocolate chips and yogurt

Would you believe that’s only about a tablespoon of chocolate chips? Um, give or take a bit. Still, way fewer calories than my former choices, and just as satisfying! I’ve only just started, so I can’t say how successful I’ll be. I’ve already lost three pounds though!

Getting healthy with CVS MinuteClinic

CVS Minute Clinic

Photo Courtesy of CVS Minute Clinic

Have you heard of the CVS MinuteClinic? I didn’t even know about this until I saw the opportunity to write about them. I wanted to do this opp because I’m guessing if I’ve haven’t heard of it, many of you may not have either. After all, I DO know everything! 😀 Kidding! The CVS MinuteClinic is a walk-in clinic that requires no appointment and takes most major insurances. It’s open every day, with evening hours for those who work during the day. You can find it in CVS stores in 28 states.

While you can visit the MinuteClinic for all your minor care issues, there are two programs that are particularly useful in helping you get healthier. For me, the most relevant one is the Weight Loss program. The program costs $69 for the initial assessment way less than the cost of most diet systems. The thing I love about it is that a nurse practitioner actually sits down with you and helps you develop a plan that works for you. After that assessment, you can opt to continue with their ongoing weight loss coaching for $59. Again, a professional will be there with you every step of the way to evaluate your progress, listen to your concerns and help you figure out what is or isn’t working for you. Check out the video to learn more:


If you’re trying to quit smoking, CVS MinuteClinic also has a fantastic Smoking Cessation Program to help you stay on track! The program includes a one-on-one assessment of your nicotine dependence, ongoing support, a summary sent to your regular physician and even nicotine-replacement tools when appropriate.

With CVS MinuteClinic, make this the year you finally achieve your weight loss and smoking cessation goals! Having the right tools really can make all the difference!