I received a complimentary copy of Half Popped in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Half Popped Book for Kids

Who knew popcorn could be so heartwarming and charming? I sure didn’t! I mean, I know my son loves to eat it (like obsessively, he has a snack-sized bag almost every night) but I never thought the yummy snack could translate into such a sweet tale for kids. Somehow, though, author Jeff Feuerstein managed to take a snack food and turn it into a story about accepting your differences and embracing the things that make you unique.

See, Kenny the Kernel started out his life like all the other kernels in the bag: totally unpopped. When the microwave suddenly stopped, the kernels were divided into two categories: popped and unpopped. Kenny, though, was neither and both. He was half popped! As the hand swooped in for bite after bite, poor Kenny hung out on the bottom of the bowl waiting for his turn. It never came though.

Feeling despondent, Kenny hopped out of the bowl and took a stroll around the kitchen. He ran into a baby carrot who was upset about his size, a bunch of red and green grapes arguing about wanting to be the others color and other food that wasn’t quite “right.” Kenny pointed out all that WAS right about the foods. The over-ripe banana, for example, would be great in bread! Everyone was cheered up except poor Kenny, who went back to the bowl in misery. How does it end? Read it and find out!

Half Popped: Teaching Kids to Embrace their Differences

I’ve always been a firm supporter in being yourself. I never quite conformed to society’s idea of “normal” and I’m fine with that. I teach my son to be himself as well. Sadly, many times when we choose to be individuals, we struggle with feeling left out. I love that Half Popped first and foremost is a story about being proud of who you are. As Kenny points out each food’s strengths, he sends a message to kids that we all have wonderful qualities. The fact that Feuerstein managed to do it in such a clever way just makes it better. It’s a totally unique book, just like Kenny is a totally unique kernel of popcorn!

This would make a great book to read to younger children in school, especially those who are feeling a little down about the things that make them different. Check it out on Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback. I recommend the paperback version, it’s reasonably priced and the illustrations are adorable. Check out the Half Popped website to learn more about the authors and Kenny the Kernel. Check out Half Popped on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news!