This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.
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Literacy is one of the most important causes to me because reading opens up so many worlds of possibilities. I started building my son’s library before he was even born. I read to him in the womb and from the moment he emerged. I did this for two reasons: reading together is a great way to bond and I am trying to raise a reader. While I am very much a “just wing it” parent on most things, when it comes to his literacy I had a plan. Everything from the books I chose to the way I spoke to him (the words “googoo gaga” should be banned from ever leaving a parent’s mouth!)  were calculated parenting decisions designed to raise child who not only reads well, but embraces literacy as much as I do. I even encourage him to defy bedtime rules!

Every night before going to sleep, Jacob does “sneaky reading.” This started a few months ago, when I bought him a book light and told him that every child should read under the covers after bedtime at least once in their life. Well, he doesn’t read under the covers, but as soon as I turn the lights out and say “goodnight,” he grabs his book and starts reading. Don’t worry, I got him a really good book light to protect his eyes in the dark! Plus, he eats a lot of carrots.

Reading Eggs: Filling in the Gaps in My Son’s Literacy

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This all sounds great, right? Obviously I did a pretty good job of instilling a love of reading in my son. He consistently reads much higher than his grade level. There is one teeny problem though: he lacks focus when it comes to anything that he hasn’t chosen to read. So much so that the school thinks he has a bit of a comprehension problem. At the last parent/teacher conference, his teacher said that Jacob’s test scores are inconsistent. I was the same way in school. I had a hard time retaining information about stories that just didn’t capture my attention. Jacob also has difficulties writing in complete sentences and using proper grammar.

So how does Reading Eggs fit into this? The program is designed to help children both learn to read AND master important concepts in reading. It doesn’t just throw out some ABCs and call it a day, it engages kids with lessons that help the cultivate a full sense of what reading entails. While Jacob can read like a champ, he doesn’t really have a firm grasp on the different parts of grammar. The first game he tried was a Grammar Skating game.

Reading Eggs Grammar Skating

The game asks kids to identify different words as either a noun, verb or adjective. He also played another game that was completely about adverbs. While the games are designed to work on skills, Reading Eggs doesn’t stop at just teaching. If they did, they would fail, as kids need rewards to really want to move forward. The “eggs” part of Reading Eggs comes from the reward points that you can build up. Once you have enough eggs, you can buy cool things for your apartment. The combination of the variety of games designed to match your child’s skill level and the rewards system make Reading Eggs a true champ at enhancing your child’s literacy.

Reading Eggs Library

Aside from all the great lessons to help improve your child’s reading skills, Reading Eggs also has over 1,000 e-books! We love the library because it’s actually easy to browse. You can select an age range, topic, author and more. Your child earns Eggs for reading books and answering the quizzes at the end of each chapter. I was impressed at all the different types of books they had available. Jacob likes the Dangerous Games series.

Try Reading Eggs for Free and Help Read-to-Cure

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While I totally believe you should take my word for it because I’d never lie to you, I realize that it’s hard to decide if you want to spend money on something without seeing it in action for yourself. Here’s what totally rocks about Reading Eggs (aside from all the above): You can get a FREE 5-WEEK TRIAL to the program. No credit card required!

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Why such a generous free trial? Aside from letting you see how awesome the program is, it also give your child a chance to participate in Read-To-Cure. From February 3rd to March 7th, kids are encouraged to read as much as possible and earn those Eggs. Family and friends can sponsor efforts, with all donations matched by Reading Eggs. The goal is to raise $25,000 to help the National Children’s Cancer Society provide financial, emotional and educational support for children and families battling childhood cancer.

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To sweeten the deal, kids have a chance to earn amazing prizes. Three prizes go to the kids who raised the most money and three to those who read the most books or complete the most lessons. But wait, there’s more (I love saying that)! You have a chance to win RIGHT NOW. Enter below on the Rafflecopter form for a chance to win an iPad Mini, valued at $299.99. The giveaway is open through March 7, 2014. To enter, just register and activate the 5-week free trial with your name, child’s name and postal address.


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There are so many great reasons to try out Reading Eggs, so go start your free trial now!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.