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Dog Shaming Cooper

Did you know that I have three dogs, three cats and a kid? The kid doesn’t technically count as a pet, but he makes as much mess as one so I thought he should be included. That’s basically- wait, let me get the calculator- 26 paws (or feet, in my son’s case) trekking all sorts of who knows what through the house. And yes, I really did open the calculator app to do that math. Is it right? Anyway, as you can imagine, when it rains outside my house gets very muddy very fast. Even though two of the cats are completely indoor cats, they tend to step in whatever mess there is and track it all over even more.

That’s just the muddy days. Let’s talk about the rest of the year. I’ve had two of my dogs for 12 years, and Cooper for about 6 years now. Over the years, these are just a few of the messes I’ve had to deal with:

  • A nice “package” under the Christmas tree, courtesy of Cooper
  • Trash strewn from one end of the house to the other, again, courtesy of Cooper.
  • Guess what happens when your dog gets into two-pounds of chocolate chips? It’s not pretty. Again, courtesy of Cooper. I was terrified for two days because dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate. Luckily, a mess was all we got.
  • Cat “tootsie rolls” in the middle of the living room because a dog raided the litter box. Not sure who to blame for that one.
  • Accidents in various places throughout the house because my older girls sometimes forget they have to pee until it’s too late.
  • Hairballs. Enough said.
  • Dog food all over the carpet because Maia insists on dumping her bowl when she’s not thrilled with the offerings.

I haven’t even covered the boy’s messes yet! Basically, if it can be spilled, he’s spilled it. At my old house, we didn’t have any carpeting aside from area rugs. Cheap area rugs, because I replaced them like crazy. My new house has carpets EVERYWHERE. What’s worse? I rent! So I’m constantly vigilant about picking up any mess I see right away. If I had a choice, I’d definitely go with STAINMASTER PetProtect. In fact, after studying up on it, I’ve decided that when I move into my own place in the hopefully near future, it’s the ONLY choice I’d consider for carpeting.

STAINMASTER PetProtect: Taking the Shame Out of Your Pet’s Messes

Dog Shaming Maia

I am obsessed with the Dog Shaming site. I’ve been meaning to get around to putting my dogs on it. They’d fit in perfectly with all the others! If you haven’t heard of it, look it up and check it out. Basically, people put signs next to their dogs describing an act of shame, like in my first picture. With STAINMASTER PetProtect, your dog’s (or cat’s or kid’s) acts of shame may still be, well, shameful, but at least you won’t be freaking out about ruining your carpet! So basically, you have more time to laugh about them. My mom doesn’t understand how I can laugh when Cooper dumps garbage all over. Honestly, I can either laugh and clean it up or yell and clean it up. Either way, I’m still cleaning it up. I’d rather find the humor in the situation than be mad at something I can’t change.

STAINMASTER PetProtect Features

Take a look at the test I did with my sample square. I took a “before” picture, then smeared chocolate syrup on it (yes, that is chocolate syrup, what did you think it was???), then I wiped it with a paper towel and used a brush to scrub it for less than a minute. Probably closer to 30 seconds, with just a little hand soap. The end result- the stain was gone. The sample is still wet, so it does look a little darker, but honestly, it’s completely gone.


How do they make it so easy? Take a look at the features:

  • Resists pet stains and allows you to clean carpets with more ease.
  • Reduces pet odor, as long as you keep on top of messes. I mean, you can’t leave it soak in and never clean it and expect it to smell clean. As long as you follow up with routine cleaning, though, your carpets won’t stink!
  • Easily releases pet hair. This would be a major plus in our house! I tell you, within a day we have tumbleweeds of hair floating through the house!
  • Commercial-grade color-fast materials resist fading and wear and tear.
  • Protects your flood underneath the carpet by preventing liquids from seeping through and soaking in.
  • Comes in a variety of styles and colors to fit your home decor.

Awesome, right? So stop shaming your dog and get STAINMASTER PetProtect next time you update your carpets! Do you have pets? What kind of crazy messes do they leave for you to clean up?