Shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for men isn’t exactly easy, at least for me. I just never know what to get! Sal is a huge fan of zombies, like many guys are these days. So I figure, what says “I love you” better than something undead? I mean, undead is better than dead, right? If your guy loves things that rise from the grave too, check out these Valentine’s Day gifts for men who like zombies. This post contains affiliate links, by the way. Oh, and I should probably be clear, I don’t really get the whole zombie craze. They’re just not my thing. Since Sal loves them, though, and since I love him, I try to “get it” as much as I can.

Gifts for Guys Who Like Zombies

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men who Like Zombies

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men who like zombines
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead: Help your guy prepare for the zombie apocalypse with this handy survival guide. Personally, I don’t think this apocalypse is ever coming, but hey, better be safe than sorry! Luckily Sal spends an inordinate amount of time playing games on the tablet to get ready for when the undead come, so I know I’ll be just fine! You can get this on Kindle or in paperback. I recommend paperback because if I was a zombie, I’d totally knock out the power before trying to take over the world.

Zombie Slippers Valentine's Day gifts for men who like zombies

Zombie Plush Slippers: Every guy needs a pair of slippers to keep their feet cozy in the winter. Now, your guy can stomp some zombies with every step he takes! Aren’t they positively hideous? The very fact that you let him walk around the house wearing them has to show just how much you care!

Zombie jerky for guys who like zombies

Harcos Labs Zombie Jerky Teriyaki: What the heck is this stuff? What makes it “zombie jerky”? I don’t think I want to know! Would your guy actually eat this? Who knows. He could always stash it in his emergency kit should the day come where it’s the only edible food left in town.

Valentine's Day gifts for men who like zombies

Zombie-Opoly Board Game: As if the original Monopoly isn’t torturous enough (seriously, has anyone ever actually finished a game?), now you can add an element of repulsion to it with severed ears and other human parts! Honestly, even though I’m not a zombie person, I think this is kind of cool. I’d play it!


The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct: I’ve heard to many mixed reviews about this game, but it still looks pretty cool. I heard it has a great story line and isn’t just a “shooter” game. I suggest checking out the Amazon reviews before making a decision. Although I’m bad, I read one negative review in a sea of good ones and think “uh oh, better pass on this one!” Still, almost 4 out of 5 stars is pretty good!

Valentine's Day gifts for guys who like zombies

Magnetic Poetry Kit: Zombie: I personally love this kit! How cute it is? You can use it to express your love in a way your guy will totally appreciate. Tell him you love him more than eating human brains or something. Seriously, though, you can get really clever with this one and leave odd romantic notes for each other every day.

Zombie bowling gifts for guys who like zombies

Bowling Zombies Wooden Novelty Game: Set up those zombies and knock them down! Just try to avoid “killing” the poor innocent girl in the front! This table-top set comes with two miniature bowling balls and is small enough to set up just about anywhere.

Zombie coffee cup

Ceramic Zombie Mug: So, this is pretty much what I look like before I have my first cup of coffee in the morning. Thankfully Sal doesn’t mistake my slack-jawed dead stare as proof that the Zombie Apocalypse has finally arrived.

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Men Who Like Zombies

McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Dixon Brother Action Figure Playset: First, remember ladies, they’re ACTION FIGURES, not dolls. Guys really don’t like when you call them dolls. They also don’t like when you take their dolls out of the packaging. So grab these action figures and prepare to dust off the box for years to come. Your Walking Dead fan will love them for sure.


The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season: No list of Valentine’s Day gifts for guys who love zombies is complete without the Walking Dead. If he already has the first season, get him another season to add to his collection. Already have them all? Sorry, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to go with one of the other nine gifts on this list.

What do you think of my list of Valentine’s Day gifts for guys who like zombies? Does your guy love these undead creatures? Are you a zombie fan yourself?

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