Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season released on Blu-Ray this week and we were lucky enough to get an advance copy. The Blu-Ray and DVD packaging comes with little arms and legs to build your own BMO. We’ve been having such a fun time with this little guy!

AT_S3_BAdventure Time: The Complete Third Season: For the Love of BMO MO2

Jake is a huge fan of Adventure Time. It makes sense, since there is a Jake in the show! Plus, it’s just such a funny show to watch. Even I enjoy it! Before telling you about the super cool Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season features, I want to share some BMO action shots! BMO has been up to some shenanigans since we put on his arms and legs.

Adventure Time BMO

Check out our pics of BMO hanging with the household pets. Then snap a picture of your BMO in action! Post your picture to Facebook with the hashtag #ShowUsBMO and on Friday, March 7th, Cartoon Network will share its favorite B-MOment on its Facebook page with a special shoutout by Niki Yang, the voice of BMO! Just make sure you post your pictures between February 24th and March 4th. Don’t have the movie? No purchase is necessary, just go here to download your own BMO PDF.

Adventure Time: BMO on the Go!

BMO started his adventure in the animal kingdom with baby steps by hopping in the guinea pig cage. Krystal was quite curious about him! Charlotte realized right away that he wasn’t food and couldn’t be bothered.

Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season: For the Love of BMO

Next, he worked his way up to chilling with the cat. Alas, she didn’t seem all the interested in him, which left him feeling a little rejected.

Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season: For the Love of BMO

So he headed over to snuggle with Tasha. She is so tolerant and didn’t mind her little buddy chilling for a bit. Well, for a second, then she looked at me like I was crazy. Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season: For the Love of BMO

Deciding that the live animals just weren’t going to show BMO any love, he headed to Jacob’s room to snuggle with the stuffed animals.



Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season

AdventureTimeSeason3_BD_CoverArtIf you love Adventure Time, you need the Complete Third Season. Aside from the fun with BMO, you’ll find every episode from the season and bonus features like alternate intros and how an idea becomes an Adventure Time. You’ll also get to hear commentary on all 26 episodes, which gives you a chance to really delve into the fun of making such a great show for kids.

My favorite episode from the third season was “No One Can Hear You,” in which Finn wakes up after sleeping for six months when he is knocked out by a deer. He discovers that the Candy Kingdom is empty! To make matter worse, Jake went insane and is convinced everyone is holding a surprise party for him. There are always crazy shenanigans on Adventure Time!

Check out a couple of clips from Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season


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