This divine pies post is brought to you by All opinions, of course, are my very own.

I love pies. Love them! Who the heck doesn’t, right? I mean they’re pies, for crying out loud! When asked if I wanted to collect a dozen pies of any kind to showcase in honor of Pi day (3/14, because Pi is 3.14somethingsomethingsomethinginfinity), I said “(expletive deleted) yeah!” Well, actually, I filled out a form indicating my interest, but in my head I said that. Pie! Woohoo!! Check out my pics for the most Divine Pies on the net (up there, like you could possibly miss them!)

Everyone has different feelings about the best pies. Some may like pies that are actually meals, like Shepherds Pie (what is in that?), Pot Pie or Pizza Pie. Maybe some think apple pie is just awesomeness. I’m really looking forward to seeing what other bloggers came up with for the challenge. Me? I like dessert pie in just about every variety. Except Shoo Fly. I don’t eat food that has the name of a bug in its name. I’m weird that way. I mean, what does that even mean? Is the pie so good that flies came buzzing, so people would say “shoo, fly!” Also, I always thought it was spelled “Shoe Fly,” which confused me even more.

Enough about the pie I won’t eat, let’s talk about the ones I will! I love anything with chocolate. I think that goes without saying. Fruit pies are yummy too. I really love a good cream pie. Yay for pie! It’s just such a diverse dessert. Really, all you have to do is slap something in a crust and voila, you have pie. Even I can make it! Which is why I featured two of my own pies. Totally narcissistic of me, but I’m really proud of those pies. I made one for my site and one for OurFamilyWorld. They actually tasted good! See! If I can make pie, anyone can!

As for the whole Pi Day celebration, well, I am not a math person. While I know in general what Pi is, I have no idea what it really means. It’s like the meaning of life or something, right? The secret to the universe? Am I thinking of the right thing? Honestly, to me, it’s just an excuse to eat Pie. Not that I need an excuse. The pies I selected (aside from my own) were painstakingly chosen. I went through all my favorite bloggers’ recipes, I scoured the internet and all the pies on Foodie. I really took my time thinking about these pies so I could bring you the best list of the most divine pies on the planet. What do you think of my selection?

How are you celebrating Pi Day? Will you be baking up a delicious, divine pie for your family? Will you be sending me a slice of said pie? If I ask nicely? Please?