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My Five Current Favorite Windows 8 Games Apps #IntelAIOMy Five Absolute Favorite Windows 8 Games Apps

Sometimes, when you have a little extra time on your hands, it’s fun to just relax and play a game. My HP Envy Rove Intel All-in-One makes it so easy to play with its big, beautiful touch screen and vivid display. With thousands of games in the Windows 8 app store, it’s hard to decide which to download first! Take a look at my five absolute favorite Windows 8 games…so far. Mind you, this list could change in a week when I discover a new favorite. That’s the great thing about my AIO, though, I’m always finding fun new things to do with it!

My Five Current Favorite Windows 8 Games Apps #IntelAIO

Top Five Favorite Windows 8 Games…So Far

1. Cattergories. If you love word games and really only have a few minutes here and there to get into a game, you’ll love Cattergories. Honestly, I downloaded it because of the cute kitty on the screen! I’m like every advertiser’s favorite target, easily pulled in by small amusing details like that. The game gives you a letter and a category. You come up with the answer. Then you get another. Pretty easy. You’re playing against strangers around the world, which gives it a competitive element. Sometimes the categories are way too easy. Other times, the game doesn’t recognize my more off-the-wall answers. Still, I enjoy playing it when I have a few minutes to kill!

Windows 8 Games: Cattergories


2. Frozen Free Fall- Candy Crush and I no longer get along, so I needed a new Match 3 game. There are like hundreds out there, but this one is inspired by Disney’s Frozen. Somehow that just makes it more fun! I love the graphics, so colorful and relaxing. It’s pretty straight-forward: reach your goal before you run out of time. I haven’t been playing it long, so I don’t know if it’s going to get terribly hard later on. We’ll have to see! If it does, it can go sit in the corner with Candy Crush!

Windows 8 Games Frozen Free Fall

3. Movie Poster Quiz- This game is so much fun if you’re a movie buff! I love it because it gives you a grid of posters. You pick the ones you want to answer first. That way, you can score lots of points and use them to buy hints for the harder posters. There are two packs of like 192 posters, enough to keep you busy for a few hours. When you answer correctly, you get a fun little trivia fact about the movie.

Windows 8 Games Movie Poster

4. Ah! Wolves! I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the heck the goal of this game is! Basically, you place three items next to each other and they become one bigger item. Three grasses become a bush, three bushes a tree, three trees a house and so on.  You are trying to build houses and block/kill the wolf. It’s oddly addictive, even if you do never really figure out the goal.

Windows 8 games Ah Wolves

5. Seven Dwarfs: The Queens Return The Seven Dwarfs are all scattered throughout the Dark Forest and the Queen is making threats again. It’s up to you to rescue them! Chop trees, gather supplies, rebuild buildings and find all your friends before the Queen can finish her curse. This is a fun ongoing game, something you can build on every time you go back to play. I’ve always loved Snow White, so it’s one of my favorites! It’s a little slow going at times, waiting for the Dwarfs to complete each task, but still fun!Windows 8 Games Seven Dwarfs

Like I said, I’ll probably change my favorites as I discover new games. These are just a few fun Windows 8 games apps to get you started! Do you have a favorite?