Today I’m talking snacks! This snack attack missive is brought to you in part by MunchPak. In so much as MunchPak sent me a box of yum to try out. The opinions, random thoughts and diatribe about real snacks are all my own.

MunchPak Snack Box

I love a good snacky treat. I’m kind of like Scooby-Doo and Shaggy that way. Snacks are just fun! They’re a nice break in between those three big meals that are supposed to be healthy. They’re a great treat after a rough day. Oh sure, you’re supposed to make sure all your snacks are under X amount of calories and filled with nutrients, but really, where is the fun in that? A REAL snack isn’t going to kill you every once in a while. It’s not going to destroy your diet. In fact, it may help you stick to it since you’re not depriving yourself all the time!

The thing is, I get bored way easy with snacks. Plus, I feel like there is a whole world of yummy treats out there that I’ve never tried. Then there are the ones that I loved In Japan that I’ll probably never find again. I’m not going to lie, when it comes to vegetables, getting me to try new things is like getting a toddler to eat liver. Snacks, though, I’m always up for a new experience! I suppose the logical thing would be to start putting vegetables in snacks, then I’d probably get on board with them.

MunchPak: The Best Way to Get Your Snack On!

I am seriously in love with MunchPak. See that picture above? That’s what came in my MunchPak. Take a moment to look at all those delicious snack treats. I think some may actually be hidden there. I counted like a dozen yummy treats in my box. Snacks ranged from treats I can find in the grocery store to goodies from far-away lands, like Canada. Okay, Canada isn’t that far away.

Remember Japan? See those Pocky sticks in the picture? Those were my FAVORITE snacks in Japan. Over there, you get a nice big box for about 100 yen (about a buck). Here, I’ve seen them sell in, of all places, entertainment stores for like $5 a package. It blows my mind! My favorite were the Men’s Pocky, which were dark chocolate. Apparently in Japan, dark chocolate is manly? Since I know Pocky, let me just tell you, the ones in this box tasted like Pocky should taste. Most imported Pocky has that frozen/thawed/frozen/thawed taste. That’s not how Pocky should taste. Okay, enough about the Pocky already, right?

The Aero bar was my second favorite because it’s chocolate. That’s a no brainer. Now, let me ask you something. Why does Canada have better chocolate than the US? In fact, why does it seem like every other country in the world has better chocolate? Is our chocolate “dumbed down” the way our toilets are? I kid you not, when I arrived in Japan, the toilet seat in my hotel had about 8 different buttons on it for different functions. Anyway, the Aero bar is amazing. The US version, not as amazing but hey, at least they threw us a little something to make us feel special.

Then there were the yummy lime nuts, the weird fun-dip type stuff that used a licorice stick instead of a chalk rod (like classy grownup Fun Dip) and, thank goodness, the Nutella. I was out of that. Seriously, just an amazing mix of snacks. Not itty bitters either, but real snack-size snacks. None of this “fun-size” nonsense. Who decided half a bite of candy was fun? That person is clearly deranged.

Bottom line, if you love trying new snacks, you’ll LOVE the MunchPak. I love that the subscription starts as low as $7.95 per month. This would be a spectacular gift for college students, those moving into new homes or anyone who just enjoys snacking. Check out MunchPak on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.

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