I received a pair of SYNC Burn fitness bands to in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are always my own.

SyncBurn fitness band

Sal and I are both trying to get more fit this year. It’s not easy. We both have some medical issues (namely, a whole bunch of back issues) that make it a bit of a challenge. Losing weight is supposed to help with back issues, although mine started when I was 13 and pretty thin, so I’m not sure how true that will be in my case. Still, it can’t hurt! Plus, there are dozens of other reasons to get fit.

I’m a bit of a tech gadget freak, so I figured what better way to get fit than to use technology to do it? After all, technology is what got me in trouble in the first place (working online and eating at my computer does not make for the best diet!). Now technology can help me get out of trouble! Sal and I both received SYNC Burn fitness bands to help us get fit for Valentine’s Day.

SYNC Burn fitness bands: Combining good old-fashioned hard work with fun technology


The Sync Burn Fitness bands look like trendy watches at first glance. While they do tell you the date and time, they also do so very much more than that. Take a look at a few of the amazing things these fitness bands can do.

  • Track the number of calories you burn in a day.
  • Monitor your heart rate and tell you what percentage of your maximum heart rate you’re working at.
  • Track your distance! This is awesome whether your trying to keep track of miles you run in one outing or taking stock of your overall daily steps.
  • Give you a report of your hourly activity progress, so you can see when you’re most active. This is perfect for me because I do try to get up and move throughout the day. Now I can see where I’m slacking.
  • Workout timer, for people like me who just want to get it over with. Also useful for those who overdo it a bit too! Now you know when to stop!
  • Stopwatch
  • 7-day memory!

In addition to all that, the SYNC Burn Fitness Bands are water resistant and incredibly sturdy. They can even send your data to MapMyFitness.com through wireless sync! My favorite feature is the ability to set goals. I can set distance, calorie or time goals for myself. So if Sal and I want to walk for one hour a day, we can set a time goal. If we want to walk 2 miles, we set that goal.

The interface took me a bit to figure out. With only three buttons, it is pretty intuitive once you take the time to check out all the different settings. Once set up, the big button on the front gives you pretty much all the vital information with ease. Since we started using them, our activity levels have increased quite a bit. We still have a ways to go to getting more active, but honestly, it’s too cold out! Once spring comes, though, I want to go hiking and walking regularly. These will be fun to compete against each other- in a friendly way, of course- to see who can go the furthest!

SYNC Burn Fitness Bands make great gifts to give each other for Valentine’s Day, as long as you’re both on board with getting fit. It’s also great for runners and other fitness buffs who want to keep track of their activity in an easier manner. At $99 (often less on sale), they’re quite reasonably priced for all that they do! Visit Sync Active to learn more about the SYNC Burn Fitness Band.