This was going to be a Wordless Wednesday post, but I am incapable of being “wordless.” You should know this by now. So did you really think I wasn’t going to say anything about these pictures? Second, I got a new camera! Yay! I FINALLY splurged and bought myself a Canon Rebel.

Cooper Canon Rebel

I got the Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55mm IS II Lens and EOS HD Movie ModePictures with my New Canon Rebel DSLR: Still Learning on Automatic! (affiliate link). That’s a lot of words for a camera. It was (still is) on sale for $389. I figured it was time, since I want to take better pictures. My son wasn’t home when it arrived, so the first pictures I took were of my pets.  I have a lot of them. These aren’t even all of them, I’m missing two of my dogs from these pictures, but I didn’t want to be terribly overwhelming!

Krystal with Canon Rebel

That handsome boy up top is Cooper, our rescue dog. We’ve had him about six years now, and he’s still convinced there is a chance he may not get fed, so he steals everything he can reach. I still blame his traumatic puppyhood on it. Right below him is Krystal the Guinea Pig. She has a sister, Charlotte. Charlotte is a spazz and doesn’t cooperate for pictures. Unless I have food, she thinks I’m there to kill her or something. When I have food, though, I am the ultimate in coolness.

Mally Canon Rebel


That old lady is my cat Mally. She’s 17.5 years old now. I’ve had her since I was old enough to drink! I caught her mid-meow, so it looked like she was smiling. She meows a lot. I think she’s going a bit crazy. She begs for treats, eats them, the promptly forgets that she ate them and begs for more.

Prue Canon Rebel


Miss Prue there is my mom’s cat. She lives with us (both my mom and the cat). She loves to howl in the middle of the night at nothing. Just to let us know that she’s thinking of us. Willow with Canon Rebel

Willow is the baby cat, born almost exactly one year before my son. She’s not the friendliest kitty, unless your a guy. She loves my boyfriend Sal. She tolerates me. Still, I love her.

So those are the very first pictures with my new Canon Rebel. Not too shabby, right? Now if I could just get brave enough to take it off of auto mode! It has a lot of buttons. A LOT. I don’t understand ANY of them at this point. I’ll get there though!

Does anyone else have a Canon Rebel? I’d love some tips, links to resources, whatever you have. Or any DSLR really. Oh, and if you have any critiques of my pictures, go ahead and tell me. I need to learn, so don’t hold back. Well, I mean, don’t say “they suck” because I’ll totally cry, but seriously, if you have suggestions, I’m totally open to them!