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My grandfather was, by far, one of the most influential people in my life. My father wasn't really around, so he filled the role of both father-figure and grandfather, balancing it perfectly. While he taught me many lessons over the years, the most important one that I keep going is his belief that imagination can conquer all.

My grandparents keep good going

See, my Pop-Pop was quite fond of Einstein's theory that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. From as early as I can remember, Pop gave me the tools and the inspiration to grow my imagination. When I was little, he'd bring me everything from coloring books to old machines (which I would pretend were airplane controllers and what not). As I got older, we'd spend hours discussing how he used his imagination to help create medical devices and to create stunning photos and video.

He was a videographer, photographer and some sort of engineer working on MRI and CT machines. While I never really understood what he did with the medical devices, his photos and videos documented every moment of our lives.

My grandfather was a good man. He and my grandmother kept good going by teaching economically disadvantaged children how to bowl, by inspiring prisoners to change their life through music and later, by traveling to Calcutta in India to help Mother Theresa care for orphans. He inspired me to live a life of goodness, and I do my best to keep his lessons going.

New York Life: Keep Good Going

New York Life has these amazing series of videos, the latest of which is called My Grandfather. It's a short, simple video with a powerful message: pass down more than your name. Take a look:

Our grandparents give us our names (or at least our maiden names), but they give us so much more too. I was incredibly lucky to have so much time with mine, and to really absorb the lessons they taught me. The good in my grandfather has a lot to do with the good in me, and I hope to pass that down to my own son. One day, I'll pass it to my own grandchild too (but not for a while!!).  Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going.

What lessons did you learn from your grandparents that you'd like to pass down to your own grandchildren?

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