We received a fabulous outfit from Naartjie Kids to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

Dress Your Baby in Bohemian Style with Naartjie Kids

Look at my beautiful niece! Isn’t she just perfect? Isn’t she just the prettiest little baby girl? I am so madly in awe of her sheer adorableness. We live three hours away, so I don’t get to see her nearly as much as I’d like. We Skype often though. If you recall, she was born on Christmas Day, making her the coolest Christmas gift in our family’s history.

In that picture above, she’s wearing an adorable Mixed Print Skirted Body Suit from Naartjie Kids. The great thing about this outfit- aside from the fact that it’s just plain adorable!- is that it’s basically a Onesie with flare. Not only does this make it easier to put on (no worries about zippers or a thousand tiny buttons), but it’s also much more comfortably for babies. We’ve all had those super cute outfits that we only used once because they were just so complicated to put on, right? Well, that’s not at all the case with this adorable outfit. Plus it’s machine-washable!

Naarjtie Kids: Bohemian style that’s comfortable for little ones

Dress Your Baby in Bohemian Style with Naartjie Kids

One picture of my adorable niece is never enough!

If you take a look at the clothes on the Naarjtie Kids website, you’ll quickly notice that they love the Bohemian style. It’s also quite obvious that they know kids! Comfort is clearly a priority. I love a kids’ clothing company that understands that being cute doesn’t have to mean being miserable. Too often, dresses for girls are stiff and merely “decorative,” meaning that your child can do nothing more than sit still and look pretty. Kids aren’t meant to sit still, they’re meant to run and be free! Their clothes should reflect that.

Naarjtie Kids offers clothes that are made from soft materials that move with your child. Even better, they offer them at affordable  prices! The majority of the dresses are under $20, even for older girls. Head over to the boy’s section and you’ll see the same thing: clothes that rarely go over $20. Naartjie Kids just launched their adorable Sea Sparkle summer collection. Check it out a few of my favorite pieces for girls:

Naartjie Kids Summer Collection

About Naartjie Kids

First, if you’re wondering how to pronounce it, it’s “nar-chee.” The company is named after a small, sweet citrus fruit that grows in South Africa. The story behind the company is just as sweet. The founder of the company had a “lemon” tree in her garden that was struggling. She took some trimmings and put them in a vase. Just before opening the first store in Cape Town, South Africa, the trimmings blossomed. Turns out it was a Naartjie tree! That little tree greeted customers as they entered the store.

Naartjie Kids designs and offers 11 collections each year, keeping up-to-date with trends while interpreting them in their  own fun way. Visit Naartjie Kids online to check out their collections for boys and girls from birth through tween years. Also be sure to follow them in Facebook and Twitter to learn about sales and giveaways.

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