We received a set of Ninja Turtles Kid-Friendly Head Phones from Sakar. All opinions are my own.

  Ninja Turtle Headphones: Ear-Safe Fun For Your Kids' Entertainment Needs

We live in a digital age, and my son is definitely a 21st Century Digital Boy. He spends quite a bit of his spare time watching YouTube videos about his favorite games. While I still don’t quite understand how he can find watching other people play a game as enthralling as playing it himself, I have to admit that he’s taught himself quite a bit from those videos. He’s like a super master Minecraft builder!

As awesome as he thinks those videos are, if I have to hear someone yell “oh my god!” one more time as they’re running from a Creeper, zombie or whatever other monsters they conjure up, I’m going to scream it myself. The boy needed headphones. The thing is, I got him headphones before and he practically blasted the videos into his little eardrums! I could STILL hear it halfway across the room AND he was risking damage to his hearing. Obviously that wasn’t the ideal solution.

Sakar Ninja Turtle Kid-Safe Headphones solve two problems at once

Ninja Turtle Headphones: Ear-Safe Fun For Your Kids' Entertainment Needs

When I got an email about reviewing kid-safe headphones, at first I wasn’t sure. Mostly because I saw Hello Kitty and thought “well Jake isn’t going to go for that!” Then I saw the Ninja Turtle and Spiderman sets and it all made sense. Since monkeypants has like a million and one Spiderman things, I figured Ninja Turtles would be a nice change.

Jake loves the Ninja Turtles design, which I knew he would. He also really likes how comfortable the head phones feel on his ears. They have a ton of padding on them so they don’t dig into his little ears. See how thick they are?

Ninja Turtles Headphones

I personally love them for two other reasons: they’re sturdy and they are ear-safe. At under $20, these Ninja Turtle headphones are pretty inexpensive. Don’t let the low price fool you, they’re designed to last. Jacob isn’t exactly careful with his headphones. Ask GameStop. We’ve exchanged the same XBOX headset about 8 times because it just kept breaking. We even had to take back his super expensive $80 set because it didn’t last a week. So far, Jake’s had these for a few weeks and they’re still in great shape. They’ve been tossed under his computer desk, found behind the guinea pig cage and probably stepped on at least once. I’m very impressed!

Of course, the ear-safe feature is incredibly important too. The Ninja Turtle headphones have a volume-limiting feature, so Jake can turn the volume up all he wants and it still won’t blow out his little eardrums. He doesn’t seem to be complaining, though. Just the right level of audio gets through and he says it sounds great. It’s a win-win situation.

The  Kid-Safe Headphones by Sakar come in several designs for both boys and girls. Find them at Toys R Us for just $12.59. These make great Easter basket gifts for kids! Follow Sakar on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news!