I received a complimentary Bobble to try out to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Put a Bobble In Their Basket to Encourage Kids to Drink Water!


My son does not like water. He’s a lot like me in that respect. He’ll drink it when he’s brushing his teeth or occasionally at bedtime when he can’t have something else, but overall, he’s not a big water drinker. I think it’s because he’s very sensitive to tastes. He’s always been incredibly picky about food, beverages, medicine or anything else that goes in his mouth. On the plus side, I really never had to worry about him eating strange random objects as a toddler! On the downside, it’s challenge in every other aspect of his life.

Part of the problem is that our tap water tastes nasty. While it’s safe to drink, it just has an awful taste to it. I spend a lot of money on bottled water. So when I saw that Bobble filters water as you drink it, I wanted to try it out. If it can filter out all the weird flavors, then it would be great for getting both Jacob and I to drink more water. I also wanted a more environmentally friendly option than the gallons and cases of bottled water I buy.

Start a waste-reducing revolution with Bobble

Bobble bottles aren’t just fun to say and cute to carry, they’re also so much better for the environment than buying bottled water. The Bobble has a filter right in the cap. Basically, you put tap water in and the strong carbon filter takes out all the contaminants that cause nasty tastes.

Put a Bobble In Their Basket to Encourage Kids to Drink Water!

I put it to the test with my tap water. I was really impressed with how well the Bobble did at getting rid of that sulfur taste. It wasn’t completely gone, but it was definitely drinkable for once. Check out the video to see how it works:

I’m really weird about water when I’m out and about. I don’t like to drink city water because I have no idea what they pump into it. When I work at the mall seasonally, I have to buy soda because I know the syrup will cover up the taste of the water they use. It not only gets expensive, but I’m trying to cut back on soda (I only drink diet, but I hear that can even cause you to gain weight). I love that I can ask one of the food vendors to fill up my Bobble and I’ll be able to drink clean water. Don’t worry, I support the vendors by drinking copious amounts of coffee before I move on to water!

Use the Bobble to encourage kids to drink more water

Put a Bobble In Their Basket to Encourage Kids to Drink Water!

Stick a Bobble in your kids’ Easter basket to encourage them to drink more water. The fun colors and shape of the bottle call out to kids. I’ve discovered that if I want my son to do something, I need to make it seem cool. What is cooler than a fun Bobble? Take it further by using the Bobble to encourage more active family outings. You can easily loop it on a backpack and take it for a hike. Don’t live near the wilderness? Go for a walk through your town. Use your Bobble to fill up on water along the way.

Save money with Bobble

I love that the Bobble saves me money on bottled water. The initial price for the large Bobble is $12.99. The filter lasts through about 40 gallons of water, so that’s about $0.32 per gallon. I pay, on average, $0.90 cents per gallon at the store, or about $36 for 40 gallons. When the fill-up station outside the store is working, I can get 40 gallons for $14, so the Bobble still saves money. Replacement filters are just $9.99, bringing the cost for subsequent gallons down to about $0.25.

With all the benefits of the Bobble, you can see how it makes a great healthy addition to your Easter baskets. Find the Bobble online in numerous different colors and styles, starting at $9.99. Connect with Bobble on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.