I am so excited (like jumping out of my skin excited) to share with you the best natural nasal health supplement I’ve ever tried! I am so grateful that Rootology contacted me to do this review, because I have never felt relief like this! I should note that all opinions are my own.

Does all-natural Rootology Breathe Free really help relieve allergy symptoms? Find out how it worked for me!



Rootology makes no medical claims and my opinions are not to be taken as medical advice. You have common sense, I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Still, I like to cover my buns!

Rootology Natural Allergy Remedy

I suffer from year-round allergies. I never really understood how that was possible. I mean, isn’t everything DEAD in the winter? What the heck could I possibly be allergic too? Maybe it’s the dust in the sealed-up house that triggers it? I have no idea. I never went to an allergist or anything, I didn’t need a specialist to tell me that my nose was stuffed up due to allergies. It’s pretty impossible, after all, for a person to have a 15-year cold, right? Eventually the Osmosis Jones’ in my body would kick it out, right? So allergies it is.

How does Rootology Breathe Free Work?

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The problem is, I can’t take most allergy medicines. They either make me sleepy or loopy. Even my favorite go-to meds have been causing headaches lately, so I have to take a pain reliever with them. My bottle of Rootology Breath Free arrived just as I was running out of tissues, so I opened it right away and took two of the capsules. Now, on the Rootology website, I saw reviewers saying they felt instant relief. I was skeptical. I mean, every other supplement out there tells you to take it for weeks before you start to notice a difference. Well, let me tell you, while “instant” may be stretching it, I did feel major relief within 20 minutes. Basically, the amount of time any oral medication takes to work its way through your system.

Rootology Natural Allergy RemedyUn-Stuff Your Head Naturally with Rootology Breathe Free Supplement

I was so impressed with how freaking amazing Rootology works that I wanted to write my review that very day. That never happens. Still, I felt I owed it to myself and you to try it out a few more times to make sure it remained a consistent experience. Thankfully, it did! Let me tell you what I LOVE about Rootology, aside from the fact that it works like magic:

  • You take it when you need it. That’s it. While other supplements recommend taking several capsules a day every single day forever and ever, Rootology recommends two to four capsules when you feel symptoms. I took two.
  • It’s synergistic. Rootology contains a blend of 13 herbs perfectly combined to create synergy based on Chinese Herbology. Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine for a reason: it works.
  • Relieves more than just a stuffy nose. The herbal mixtures work great to relieve your stuffy head. They also help stomp out headaches, itchy eyes and more. Basically, Rootology offers complete allergy relief.
  • Doesn’t have any side effects. Rootology had no side effects for me, and I am pretty much the queen of weird side effects! Like I said, most allergy medicines make me either sleepy or loopy. What I didn’t mention is that the non-drowsy stuff makes me sleepy and the stuff that’s supposed to make you tired makes me loopy!

Rootology Breathe Free Allergy ReliefUn-Stuff Your Head Naturally with Rootology Breathe Free Supplement

Rootology is to allergy sufferers what sliced bread was to sandwich lovers. Seriously, it’s THAT good. I am incredibly grateful that I had a chance to try this. They made a loyal customer out of me! Grab a bottle of Rootology on AmazonUn-Stuff Your Head Naturally with Rootology Breathe Free Supplement. Each bottle comes with 40 capsules. Remember, if you are on any medications or have a medical condition, please check with your doctor before using ANY herbal supplements.

Do you suffer from allergies? What do you do to manage them when you can’t take medicine?