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Before my son was born, I never gave much thought to which pharmacy to use. I rarely got sick, so when I did, I’d just take my script to whoever was close. When Jacob got sick for the first time, I filled his prescription at Target. I’m not sure what made me decide to use them that day. Maybe it was convenience, since I was there picking up other over-the-counter (OTC) meds. I always use Target for OTCs because their brand works better for me than other store-brand meds.

Target PharmacyBrochure v2 Enjoy a Better Pharmacy Experience at Target Pharmacy #TargetSponsored

My first experience with Target Pharmacy was so pleasant that I’ve been using them for the last 7 years. For me, the customer service alone is enough to keep me going back. In general, I’ve always found Target employees to be the most upbeat and cheery. The Target Pharmacy employees are not only helpful when it comes to my prescriptions, but even when I have questions about OTC meds. I know I can rely on them for quick answers.

I really love how Target color-codes the bottles for each family member. This is especially helpful now! My mom lives with me and she has medical issues of her own. I have back problems and take prescription medications for it. Some of the meds we take are the same, but in different doses. I like that I don’t have to read the label with a magnifying glass every single time to make sure I’m taking my meds and not hers. The ClearRX system that Target Pharmacy uses makes the labels easier to read and know which belong to me.

Other benefits of Target Pharmacy

Aside from stellar customer service and clear labels, Target Pharmacy has other great benefits that make them stand out from the crowd in my eyes. These include:

    • Free Flavorings: When you have a kid who is as picky about medicine as mine is, the free flavorings are a life-saver!
    • Pharmacy Rewards: After only 5 prescription fills (counting vaccines), you get a whole day of shopping with 5% off your purchase both online and in-store.
    • PetRX: Need a script for your dog or cat? Target stocks many different types of pet prescriptions. Just bring your script from your vet and they’ll take care of the rest.
    • $4 Generics: This is a huge draw for me, because there are so many medications that my insurance doesn’t cover.
    • Text Message Alerts: Target Pharmacy texts me when my prescription is ready, so I don’t have to keep circling back to the pharmacy counter to check on it.

Enjoy a Better Pharmacy Experience at Target Pharmacy #TargetSponsored

  • Flip the Script: Transfer your prescription to Target Pharmacy online, in-store or over the phone.

Find more details about benefits in the Target Pharmacy brochure. Of course, one of my favorite benefits of the Target Pharmacy is that it’s located in Target! I just love shopping there. It’s like the cheeriest store on earth. Check out Target Pharmacy next time you need a prescription filled and see for yourself how they offer a better pharmacy experience. Check out more details at:

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