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Create a 5-Star Vacation Story in Puerto Rico

About four years ago, I had the chance of a lifetime to go on a cruise with my son. We went along with my aunt, uncle and cousin. Jacob was 5 at the time. One of our stops on the journey was San Juan, in Puerto Rico. We were only there for a few hours, but I saw enough to know that I want to go back for a longer vacation!

Exploring Puerto Rico for an Afternoon

Create Your Own 5-Star Vacation Story in Puerto Rico

We had arranged a tour on a bus for most of our time in San Juan, but had a good two hours or so before that started to explore on our own. Puerto Rico has so many cool places to visit. We spent most of our free time in the old fort right there in the middle of San Juan. It was such a neat experience! Jacob loved hamming it up next to all the artifacts.Create Your Own 5-Star Vacation Story in Puerto Rico

I have to admit, though, I was too scared to climb to the top! My uncle took Jake and my cousin up the steps to get a great view. We also did a little shopping before our tour. I love the tourist shops, they have some great inexpensive souveniers.

5 More Ways to Have a 5-Star Vacation in Puerto Rico

Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico. There are so many fun things to do there! Take a look at 5 things I would absolutely love to do next time I visit.

  • Ride a Kayak through the bioluminescent bay and feel like I’m floating on the stars.
  • Take a Ferry to Caja de Muertos Island (Coffin Island). Aside from the super cool name, I’d love to relax on the white sand beaches!
  • Explore museums like the Castillo Serrallés. I’ve always loved checking out other cultures.
  • Sample some delicious Puerto Rican coffee, said to be some of the finest coffee in the world! You know how much I love coffee.
  • See the only rainforest under the US National Park service:

With so many wonderful things to do in Puerto Rico, it’s easy to have a 5-Star vacation experience for the whole family. Plus, you don’t even need a passport to visit this exotic destination. No need to exchange money, either. Like on Facebook and Follow @PRTourismCo on Twitter to learn more!

What would you love to see in Puerto Rico?

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