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This week has been a flurry of cleaning activity. My aunt is coming to pick up my mom to take her to my brother’s for a week. She’ll be here a total of five minutes, but my mom feels the need to ensure that every single surface in the house is “white-glove” ready. Not exactly an easy feat when you live with these guys:


Especially when you combine those three with a muddy backyard! Plus I have cats and a child to clean up after. Once she leaves on Friday, though, I’m planning to have a clean-free weekend. I have a trip to go to on Saturday and plan on having a house full of kids on Sunday. I really won’t have a single spare moment for cleaning!

Less is more with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

Mr Clean Floor

I’m really trying to be more conscious about the cleaning products I buy. While I try to go natural whenever possible, Mr. Clean has always been a must-have in our house. We go through his Magic Erasers like crazy! With Mr. Clean’s new Liquid Muscle, a very small amount goes a very long way. Trust me, I found that out quickly when I put just a smidge on my tile floor to see how it worked. I ended up having enough to mop half the kitchen! Definitely dilute it in a bucket of water when you use it for cleaning tile floors!

I took a “before” picture of my floor, but it really didn’t come out right. Let’s just say it was messy, especially in that spot by the fridge. It seems like all the dirt and dust balls in the house just collect there. Plus there were muddy footprints all over the place. Looks pretty good, right?

Since you use such a small amount for your cleaning tasks, a single bottle lasts much longer. It has 2.5X more power in every single drop, so you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing away at your floors and surfaces.  I love that it’s a relatively small bottle too, so there’s less waste. Plus it comes in a variety of scents and special formulas for both kitchens and bathrooms. No one wants to spend their weekend scrubbing a bathroom, right?

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