Zingy Fruity Punch for a Girl's Night In

You know what I could really use right about now? A girl’s night in! Forget going out to crowded clubs and spending a fortune on drinks. Forget getting dressed up, slathering on makeup and trying to impress people I don’t even know. With all the crazy in my life these days, all I want to do is curl up in my house with a few close girlfriends and, well, forget that there is a world outside my doors!

My top 5 Girl’s Night in Essentials

Your girl’s night in can include pretty much anything you want. For me, though, there are a few essentials to make it a smash. These include:

  • Comfy clothes! Girl’s night in is all about hanging out with friends in comfort. Skip the fancy dresses and throw on your yoga pants. Even pajamas would be fun!
  • Good music. Now, I’m a punk rock girl, so my music tastes lean towards that. If you have an eclectic group, be fair and put a good mix on your playlist!
  • Sappy romantic movies. Here’s the thing about sappy movies: they either make you cry and bond with the characters, or you can get all MST3K-like and just laugh together about the dramatic lengths couples will go to in such films.
  • Good conversation. The benefit of a girl’s night in is that you can actually hear each other speak! If you get lost for what to talk about, try searching for ice-breaker questions. Play “would you rather,” or even that staple of our yesteryears: truth or dare!
  • Good food!  You can’t have a girl’s night in without good food! Foodie.com has some amazing recipes from other bloggers to help you out there. Check them out!

A girl’s night in isn’t complete without sipping on tasty beverages. Since my party girl days are far behind me, I usually opt for something non-alcoholic.  I was looking for something with a little zing.  I’ve always loved those punches that have ice-cream and sorbet floating on top, so that’s what I went with.

Zingy Fruity Punch Recipe for a Girl’s Night In

Zingy Fruity Punch for a Girl's Night In

Now, you can go two ways with this recipe. Either make a huge batch if you have a lot of girlfriends over, or just make individual glasses for a few friends. I’ll tell you how to do both.


  • Raspberry Acai Juice (I used Trop50, but you can use any brand)
  • Quart of orange sherbert/ice-cream (the kind that is mixed half and half)
  • 1 liter Lemon-lime seltzer water


For a huge batch, pour the entire bottle of Trop50 into a bowl. SLOWLY add seltzer. Scoop sherbert/ice-cream to float on top. Easy, right?

For smaller batches:

  • Start with about 4 oz of Raspberry Acai Juice
  • Add about 2 oz of the lemon-lime seltzer (still slowly, otherwise if will fizz over)
  • Top with two tablespoons of the sherbert/ice-cream
  • Don’t mix! Let it all kind of meld together. The sherbert should float on top, but a bit will make its way into the juice/seltzer mixture.
  • Drink!