This stress-free post is brought to you by Secret Clinical Strength. The Secret® product, gift card, and information have been provided by Secret®. All opinions are my own.

Secret to a Stress-Free Party

When the opportunity to host a stress-free party featuring Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant came up, I thought long and hard about what type of party to host. I’ve had a pretty rough month. The kind that makes you say “if one more thing goes wrong, I’m checking in to a padded room and never coming out.” The kind that leaves you catatonic in the back room of your seasonal work place while someone else deals with the slew of angry people waiting in line because your employee was late. Let’s just say it was a BAD month.

Next month, I’m going in to get my uterus yanked out, so I’m thinking that’s going to be a pretty stressful month too! I needed a totally stress-free party. A night of fun with the people I love most, just to chill out and not worry about anything. I thought about maybe a night of some fun dancing or something. Then I thought “well, I can’t dance, so that will make me feel self-conscious and stressed!” I considered doing facials and a spa night, but then I thought about how I would have to either cram everyone into a small bathroom or clean up a huge mess. Not really a stress-free idea!

How to really host a stress-free party

I realized I was stressing over the best way to have a stress-free party, and that’s kind of counter-productive, right? So I decided to just get some friends together and have an anything goes party! Rather than trying to focus on one theme, one major food, etc, I just grabbed whatever appealed to me and pulled it all together.

One thing that turned out to be a huge hit was the Snow Cone Maker that I grabbed Walmart  with my gift card for the party. I’ve been wanting one for ages and finally got one. I set up a station so that everyone could make their own flavors. I loved how it brought us back to childhood, when everything was so much more stress-free.

Secret to a stress free party

For a more grown-up drink, I also set up an espresso station. I have this cute espresso set that my brother got me when he went to Italy, so I set that out along with different syrups and toppings. I don’t know about you, but a delicious espresso always leaves me feeling less stressed out!

Secret to a stress-free party

For food and snacks, I kept it super simple with pita bread, hummus, chips, dip and other finger foods. While some people find cooking relaxing, I tend to find it stressful since it’s not something that comes naturally to me. During the party, we hung out, caught up on our lives and talked ways to deal with stress.

Stop stressing with Secret Clinical Strength

Secret to a stress-free party

Throughout every phase of my party planning and everything else life threw at me this last month, I ran around with confidence thanks to Secret Clinical Strength. The moisture activated antiperspirant is formulated with odor-neutralizing ingredients that give you up to 4 times the protection against stress sweat. Did you know that stress sweat smells worse than your average, every-day sweat? See, regular sweat is mostly water and maybe 1% nutrients from your body.  Stress sweat, though, is released from the apocrine gland and adds bacteria to the mix, which in turn creates a stronger odor.

I have sensitive under arms, so I was really happy to discover that Secret Clinical Strength is just as gentle as the regular Secret, yet designed to stand up under pressure. I used to throughout the most stressful month that I’ve had in years. I may have still been stressed, but at least I smelled good!

You can feel confident that Secret Clinical Strength, now available in two new forms – Clear Gel and Invisible Solid, will provide stress sweat protection regardless of what the day brings. It also comes in a variety of scents, including my favorite, Completely Clean. Visit for the scoop on stress sweat! Follow Secret on Twitter to keep up with news and learn great tips on how to be more stress-free.
What is your best tip for dealing with stress?