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Do you love shaving? I don’t, and I’ve never met another woman who said “yay, I get to shave today!”  During the winter, I can get away with not shaving my legs every day and it doesn’t bother me. My armpits? Not so much! I just feel icky when I skip shaving those. Now, with summer coming, I pretty much have no choice but to regularly shave!

I have sensitive skin, so no matter how careful I am, I end up with insane bumpies. Sexy, right? Even worse, they itch and burn like crazy when I put on deodorant. So now I’m walking around feeling uncomfortable and looking like someone poured battery acid on my armpits. Plus I’m doing that little dance you do when you really want to just dig in there and start scratching, but don’t want to be un-ladylike! Super awesome, let me tell you! That’s sarcasm, in case it didn’t come across.

Join Dove® Deodorant & Change the Way the World Sees the Armpit

We don’t talk enough about our armpits, don’t you think? We all have them, but like other parts of our bodies, it’s just not something that comes up in dinner conversation. This year, Dove Deodorant is revolutionizing the way we care for our underarms. We all need to shave. Dove knows that, you know that. Well, NEED may be an over-statement, but we all want to have smooth underarms.

Dove Advanced Care with Nutrium Moisture deodorant can’t make it so we never shave again, but it can take away the sting of razor damage and restore our underarms. Just use it after shaving and you’ll be on your way to healing and protecting that sensitive skin! It continues to protect over 48 hours!

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What is your biggest underarm shaving challenge?