Keeping expenses to a minimum is a must for me. Especially since my student loans have kicked in. I’ve managed to find savings in different areas of my everyday life. Now that I have my own place, my parents often call to make sure their only daughter is safe in the city. Since this is my first time living on my own, I was a bit nervous. Worried about breaking the bank, I did not originally plan on putting home security in my place. Fortunately, I was able to find some cost effective ways to keep my home secure without having to live on ramen noodles. Here are 4 budget friendly tips I use to secure my place.


Budget Friendly Home Security Tips

Photo Credit: Johnny Grim

Smart Locks

When you rent a place, keys have changed hands many times and you can never be 100% sure you’re the only one with a key to your place. Instead of using the standard lock, I opted to purchase one that requires a code to enter instead of a key. It was very affordable and more secure than the traditional key lock. My favorite aspect about a code lock is that it will time out if the wrong code has been entered too many times. I can also assign multiple codes, though I choose not to for security purposes. Having that extra reinforcement makes me feel more confident that my home is safe from trespassers

Alarm System

Originally, I thought installing a home alarm system was going to be pricey and difficult to set up. I was able to find a wireless burglar alarm for a low monthly rate. Now I have round the clock monitoring of my home, even when I’m not there. When I turn on my alarm, if someone tries to break in, the alarm notifies the security company and they in turn contact the police. It is a nice feeling to know that my home is being protected 24/7 without me having to do very much on my part.

Locking Windows and Sliding Doors

Being forgetful is a habitual problem on mine. Sometimes things go unchecked because I work long hours and am on the go frequently. I was surprised to find out that most intruders come in through windows and sliding doors that are unlocked. In an effort to be more mindful, I decided to start keeping reminders on my phone to check access points before I leave the house. I also leave a brightly colored note on the fridge so that when I pass by it in the morning, it acts as a second reminder. I have actually done well with being consistent with this method. It also helps me do all that I can on my part to keep my home secure.

No Tweeting

I love social media and use is constantly both professionally and personally. Sometimes I will post about funny things that have happened during the day or I will Instagram a picture of my coffee. One of the most startling things I have learned is when you put your activity online, a burglar can use this information and plan a break in while you are away.This can happen all from a simple tweet. Now I do not post things about my whereabouts and if I want to talk about a particular event, I do it after the fact so that my location is never publicized.

Saving money is a goal that I’m working towards everyday. Since I’m on my own for the first time, home security is very important to me. I love having the freedom of no roommates and coming and going as I please. I also like the comfort that having a place of your own provides. The last thing I want to have to deal with is someone breaking into my home and ruining that peace of mind for me. I have taken additional steps to ensure my safety as well as the security of my home. Changing my locks, installing an alarm system, locking up the windows and blinds, and not posting my whereabouts help me reduce the chances of a home invasion. I love that these tips are very affordable and super effective. Knowing that my house is safe whether I’m there are not is a great feeling. By using these budget friendly precautions you can make your home safe too.