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Summer Beauty Essentials from Dollar General

Summer is almost here! Do you want to know my absolutely favorite thing about summer? It’s silly, but I love painting my toenails. See, I bite my fingernails, so I never have enough nails left over to paint. Yet I really love all the fun nail polish colors out there! Summer is perfect because I can paint my toenails and show off my style in a pair of flip-flops.

I collect nail polish colors like crazy for the summer months! At this point, my collection probably rivals a salon. Yet I still need more! I headed to my local Dollar General to check out their selection of nail polish colors and other essential summer beauty products. They always have such a great variety of beauty essentials from brands I love as well as their own brand, all at prices I can afford.

Summer Beauty Essential from Dollar General

Summer beauty essentials from Dollar General: Nail Polish

Dollar General had an amazing selection of nail polish colors! Most were just $1 each! I grabbed several different colors. I realized that I would need some polish remover and cotton balls since I like to change colors at least once a week. Then I thought about my nail clippers and how dull they were getting. Time for a new set of those too! By the time I was finished, I had everything I needed for a whole summer of cute toenails, plus money left over in my budget!

Dollar General Has All Your Summer Beauty Essentials for Less!

I have really long and thick hair that gets incredibly hot in the summer. I go through hair ties and scrunchies like crazy because I’m always losing them. I grabbed some really cute ouchless hair bands in summer colors. I also picked up a few neutral-colored scrunchies.

Finally, I grabbed a nice big bottle of Aloe because my Irish skin is quite prone to burning. Even though I use a ton of sunscreen in the summer, I still end up missing a spot and turning into a lobster! I also love putting aloe in the fridge and using it to moisturize my legs and arms during the summer, even when they’re not burned.

Shopping at Dollar General saved me so much money on all my summer beauty essentials. Head to your local store and check out all the fun beauty products! Follow Dollar General on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news, deals and fun tips.

What is in your summer beauty essentials kit?

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