I received complimentary Herbal Choice Mari products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Herbal Choice Mari Changes the Landscape of Beauty

I am a total skincare junkie. I think I’ve made that abundantly clear over the last couple of years! Seriously, my bathroom cabinets are over-flowing. Kind of sad, since I spent so much time writing about how to organize your beauty stash last year! I’m sad to say it’s back to the “before” picture. With all the skincare products that I try, one thing I’m really trying to do is move towards more natural products. My mom used to make all these great bath and beauty products before she broke her leg back in 2009. In the years before that happened, I never touched anything aside from what she made. After, I had no choice but to start buying my own stuff again!

Herbal Choice Mari is pretty much the first product I’ve tried for my face that is just like mom used to make. That sounds funny, since most people use that phrase when talking about food, but it fits. I had no idea that it’s actually been around since I was in college!

Herbal Choice Mari: Changes the Landscape of Natural Beauty

Herbal Choice Mari is a line of 100% organic skin care products. Now, when they say 100%, they mean it. Not only is every product made from only organic products, but even their manufacturing facility is USDA certified as organic! This means that not a single filler, additive or chemical will touch your skin when you use their products.

Herbal Choice Mari Changes the Landscape of Beauty

I received an awesome selection of Herbal Choice Mari products, including:

  • Organic Skin Rejuvenator
  • Organic Facial Wash
  • Organic Makeup Remover
  • SPF-15 Day Cream
  • Organic Night Cream
  • Organic Anti-X Cream

My favorites are the facial wash, makeup remover and night cream. I love how gentle the facial wash is, and how it rinses clean away. It doesn’t contain any drying detergents, it just whisks away dirt and impurities naturally. The makeup remover is particularly gentle on the skin around my eyes, yet still manages to get off my water-proof mascara with one swipe. The night cream is my favorite of the creams because it’s lightweight. I love the SPF Day Cream because it keeps the sun from damaging my skin, but it is a bit heavier than the other creams.

After using Herbal Choice Mari, my skin looks brighter and more alive. One thing I should mention, though, is that since these don’t contain chemical preservatives, the ingredients do seem to separate a bit. Not so much the facial cleanser or the makeup remover, but the creams and rejuvenator does need to be shaken or stirred before using after you open it.

Benefits of  Herbal Choice Mari from Nature’s Brands

For me, the top benefits are as much about what ISN’T in Herbal Choice Mari as what is. You won’t find:

  • Gluten, dairy products, corn or GMO.
  • Phthalate , paraben , preservatives
  • Synthetic fragrances, dyes, propylene glycol or petroleum

Herbal Choice Mari is also completely cruelty-free, because, as I’ve said before, bunnies shouldn’t be poked in the eyes with chemicals or killed just so we can look prettier. They’re all packaged in high-quality violet glass bottles. I know this is important, although I honestly can’t remember why. I know it has something to do with maintaining the integrity of the finished product. My mom used them a lot.

So what IS in Herbal Choice Mari? It depends on the product, but basically on the best natural plant-based oils and ingredients. Visit Herbal Choice Mari online to learn more about their products. They offer trial sizes if you’re not ready to commit to a full-size product. Follow Nature’s Brands on Facebook and Twitter for access to exclusive offers.